We’re ordered, and we’re currently awaiting, MANY more kilos of beautiful undyed ModeSock and ModeLuxe for dyeing and loving!

If all goes well, it should be here mid-next week, and be up and for sale in our store by next weekend! Our first order of business; create the ModeLuxe in the colors of the Slippy Cowl so we can fulfill the wishes of the folks who want to make that same item!

Second order of business; knit a few samples in other colors so folks can easily envision different color combinations!

This downtime is perfect for upgrading the website (now each different yarn will be accessible through drop down menus under “ModeKnit Yarn” – try it!) and soon we’ll have different selectable menus for different colorways.

Right now we only show images of yarns that are immediately available, but we have to think of ways to show all the colors AND whether they’re available in an easy to update way.

I’m using a WordPress plug in called “Catablog” – which has much more power than I’m currently using – so the time is right to figure out how to use all that extra database goodness!

AND it’s a perfect time to get some projects for other books / magazines finished, and to begin sourcing yarn for my boleros & shrugs book! If you know of an indy yarn that you really like, I’m trying to use as many indy dyers in the book, and I’m always on the lookout for great new yarn sources!

IMG_0482I’m hopeful that all of you had a MAGNIFICENT holiday, and will continue on through next week (and BEYOND!) to celebrate the light and warmth that we can create in our own lives when it’s so dark outside!

And in that spirit, I’d love to give you a wonderful Crescent Cookie recipe, gf_crescent_cookies.

I’ve made this gluten free, but it’s incredibly easy to just trade out the GF Baking mix for the flour of your choice!

I’m afraid it’s very nut heavy, but has no eggs! It is rich (buttery) but has little sugar.

This is the cookie that always makes me think it’s Christmas!

Bum-bum-bummble Bee!

bumble bee jasper modesockIf you’re of a certain age and grew up on the East coast, then you know the Bumble Bee Tuna song.

I, myself, grew up in the Midwest (well, Ohio) and didn’t learn the song until I moved to NY in 1982 and friends would sing it whenever we made tuna sandwiches. Yes, I have always hung out with the wildest folk.

The song is IN MY HEAD like a – well, like a bumble bee – and it’s because I just worked up THIS colorway:

I like the golden yellow, the greenish overtone and the unexpected black that shoots through it.

We’re naming it BUMBLEBEE JASPER (which is really a thing) and it’s the newest color in our growing panoply of hues!

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 1.56.57 PMWhen I work up the colors I go one of three ways:

Semi Solid – A color which is pretty much just one hue in various degrees of saturation, lightness and darkness.

Color Blend – Two hues which are blended after the initial dyeing process, but to such an extent that it’s hard to tell where one color begins and the other ends.

Color Block – Three or more hues which are worked together after the initial dyeing process to produce a choppy, blocky color.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine if a color is a blend or a block, but Bumblebee Jasper is definitely a Color Block.

And now it’s up for sale in our store!  But it won’t be there long if it’s like our other colorways!


I apologize to anyone who’s tried to add one of our yarns to the cart and got a bad response. The truth is, the code for the buttons is crazy sensitive (and I’ve discovered that when used together with a lightbox plug in I really like it’s easy to screw it up)

From this point on I’ll be testing every button on a regular basis, but please let me know if you run into any problems ordering from our Modeknit Yarn online shop!


Live Sales: We’re putting together a list of fiber shows we’re hoping to visit in 2014 with our yarns, if you know of one we should consider, please let us know!

If you want to stay up to date on our plans for selling our yarn live (at shows or in yarn shops) sign up for my e-newsletter for the latest news about that!

If you want to hear about our newest colors or latest batch of fresh yarns ready for purchase, follow me on Twitter or like our Facebook page and watch for the messages which start, “COLOR UP!” – that means something really good has just come out of the dyepot and it’s ready to purchase!

If you’re interested in our color inspirations, we have a board at Pinterest where colors that have passed the “can we actually DYE something that looks like this?” test are kept. All colors there may not be yarns yet, but we can always hope!

CRAZY Opening Weekend!

So when I put my first skeins of yarn up for sale, I hadn’t imagined I’d sell out of a few of the colors so quickly! We were nutsy busy this weekend, and the first shipments of ModeKnit Yarn should be arriving in folks’ mailboxes today!  Selling out of some of our stock was just a bonus!

And this was with two of the “Buy Now” buttons not working correctly!

I’ve been fiddling with web sites since 1996, when I taught myself basic html while on maternity leave for my daughter.  I’m no code monkey, but I can generally fight through basic stuff, especially when using a tool like WordPress.

But sometimes the simplest copying and pasting can go awry, and that’s what happened with the Gilmarite and Chabazite buttons. Dang.

packing_catAnd I’ve already heard from one customer who received someone else’s order, so my shipping department (me) is on notice.

But all is fixed now. Kathleen has mentioned her own steep learning curve, but this weekend felt like mountain climbing to me.

Before I acquired a fine digital scale (thank you, Ace Hardware) I’d created a bunch of skeins in ModeLuxe which, when weighed properly, were dismally underweight. 50g is a small skein to begin with, but my teensy little skeins were only 38g! Live and learn!

The good news is that the skeins have been priced according to weight, and with free shipping for orders over $20, it’s a nice chance to try out a few different colors.

The better news is that with my excellent scale, we’ll now be creating larger skeins at more consistent weights. We’re definitely moving up to 100g skeins (approx 306 yds) for the ModeSock, but I’m not certain if a 50g or 100g skein of ModeLuxe is the better option…

As I write I have 4,500 yds of ModeSock dyed and drying and ready to ship in new orders! We’ll be introducing Plum Jasper and Mercury as soon as the yarn dries and I can photograph it nicely.

I wanted to get my dyeing out of the way this morning because I’m scheduled for the dentist at 2:00 and I’m supposed to have a crown re-set and a tooth pulled (last molar on the upper left). It’s insane how freaked out I am by this (I haven’t lost a tooth since I was 6, and even then it was a horror show of fraught nerves)

My family knows how spooked I get about teeth stuff, so send all of your best wishes my way at around 2:20pm Central Time.

And, for the record, I skipped entire sections of Scandal the past two weeks. Egads, what timing!

And explain to me exactly how she was able to make out with that guy 5 minutes after having her teeth ripped out?