ModeFlax Linen Yarn


You will LOVE this lovely, glistening, strong fiber!
Excellent for baby and children’s garments, for intimate items and summer fashions.

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ModeFlax Lace in Ruby
ModeFlax Lace in Ruby

Wool isn’t quite your bag? We have two beautiful Linen yarns ModeFlax Lace and ModeFlax Sport, direct from Belgium!

  • ModeFlax Lace (4 ply) (approx 575 yd per 100gr skein)
    Approx 33–40 sts over 4”/10cm using size 0-1US/1.5–2.25mm needles.
  • ModeFlax Sport (10 ply) (approx 286 yd per 100gr skein)
    Approx 23–26 sts over 4”/10cm using 3-5US/3.25-3.75 needles.

Don’t believe the stories you’ve heard about linen and other plant fiber yarns, they’re much nicer to work with than many folks think!

Our linen’s been conditioned and re-skeined several times, helping to tame the fibers and making them easier to knit & crochet. You will LOVE this lovely, glistening, strong fiber! And to top it all off, ModeFlax machine washes and dries wonderfully! Every time you wash it, it just gets softer and softer! Excellent for baby and children’s garments, for intimate items and summer fashions, it also just happens to knit up into gorgeous millinery!

Lace & Sport are products of Belgium, Hand dyed in the USA (Minnesota!)

COLOR NOTE  Since Linen is a plant fiber, it takes dye differently than wool or silk (which suck it up like a milkshake!) Therefore a color will appear gentler and softer in Linen than it would in our other bases. Some darker colors aren’t available at all in ModeFlax, and have been excluded from the color list.


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Yarn Color

Pearl 001, Porridge & Honey 002, Carol Peletier 003, A Wee Dram 004, Toad Lily 005, Brazillianite 006, Platinum 008, Pewter 009, Edinborough 010, Mr. Jessamond 011, Freckled Iris 017, Augusts Humid Decline 018, Jade 022, Sherlock’s Kitchen 023, Rory Gilmore 024, Epidote 025, Beauty Brienne 026, Sunrise In Glory 027, Call Box Blue 5 029, Aquamarine 030, Gilmarite 032, Carl Grimes 033, Sister Julienne 035, Lyanna Blue 037, Crab Nebula 039, Mercury 040, A Study In Pink 041, Spessartine 042, Swan Nebula 043, Plum Jasper 044, Michonne / Mrs Moss 045, Lavender 048, Dragonfly Inn 050, Betty Confetti 051, Amethyst 055, Mary’s Maids 057, Thistle 058, Sookie St James 060, Chabazite 061, Lorelai Gilmore 067, Luke Danes 069, Emily Gilmore 070, Lannister Gold 081, Buckeye 082, FLOW Stirling 101, FLOW Lazurite 102, FLOW Lilac 103, FLOW Iris 104, FLOW Hydrangea 106, FLOW Fuchsia 107, FLOW Licorice All Sorts 109, FLOW Wulfentine 110, FLOW Jenny Kissed Me 111, FLOW Granite 113, FLOW Pinks 114, FLOW Côte d’Azur 116, FLOW Oy With The Poodles 117, FLOW Full Cask 118, FLOW Pheasant 119, FLOW Cuckoo Wasp 120, FLOW Tequila Mockingbird 121, FLOW Mocha 122, FLOW Java 123, FLOW Guava 124


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