ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 009, Biggan Ryd Dups

Our ninth episode features Biggan Ryd Dups, a friend of mine who also happens to be an amazing hand knit designer and creator of an incredible line of colorful yarns that are a dream to knit with!

ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 008, Becca Foster

Here's a lovely conversation with our sole employee, Becca Foster, who works with us a few hours a week (sometimes much more!) and will be a fixture in our booth at our various fiber show appearances. This is a meandering, wandering, pointless talk - but it's funny, and diverting, and do you really need anything else than that from a free yarn podcast?

ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 007, Lucy Neatby

Our seventh podcast is with the unparalleled and very colorful Lucy Neaby. I love Lucy. One of the first knitting classes I took was with Lucy at Stitches back in 2001, and I've loved her since then! It's an extraordinary thing that I feel I can call her a friend - but she's so darned friendly that it's EASY to love her.