It’s Time for our Winter Sale!

Our annual winter sale is HAPPENING NOW!

Use code winter2018 at checkout to take 20.18% off your total purchase through January 31st!  Everything (except memberships to the Cassini Yarn Club) is on sale.

Have you been hankering for a new jacket? Our Garter Stripe Jacket Kit is now available online!  This cozy jacket is always a hit at fiber shows. Kits are available in a range of sizes starting at just $96.00 ($76.62 during the winter sale if you use code winter2018).

Shown in Lyanna Blue, Gilmarite, Pewter and Hydrangea FLOW.  Create your very own signature jacket by choosing four different colors for your kit; three non-FLOW colors and one FLOW colorway.  The finished garment runs large, so choose one size smaller if you need to.

Brahmin Moth Shawl in Sapphire, Chabazite and Bristol Pool.

What about a new shawl? Our Brahmin Moth Shawl is a fun project. A series of large miters and slip stitches and lots of garter stitch make this an adventurous (and intermediate) knit. For spectacular results chose three colorways; two colorways that you love, and one colorway that ties them together.


Slippy Cowl
Kathleen’s Slippy Cowl in ModeLuxe DK


Cowl anyone? Our Slippy Cowl will add a pop of color to any dark winter day! Choose two highly contrasting colors of Worsted or DK to achieve  the colorwork effect. The secret is you’re only knitting with one color at a time! If you can knit and purl, you can make this cowl!


Spinny Chullo in ModeSock

Do you crochet? Our Spinny Chullo kit is for you! This chullo is an excellent crochet adventure. Written for an intermediate crocheter, an adventurous beginner could work it as well.

Choose two contrasting colors and get started on your hat!


Remember, use coupon code winter2018  for 20.18% off now through January 31st!

Three on Thursday-Snow Day Edition

One of our New Year’s intentions is to blog more in 2018.  We kind of fell away from blogging last year as we got busier with shows and travel.  And today is the perfect day to blog because it’s SNOWING!

Outside Kathleen’s side door!


It been a snow drought this winter here in Saint Paul, so  a snow day is exciting and fun!  (Well, until the deep freeze comes back tonight and everything ices over…)  It’s been frigid up until the past few days. Then it got warm (34 degrees!). And now it’s back to below zero. Brrrrrrrr.




Three Perfect Things About a Snow Day

  1. A snow day is the perfect day to catch up on paperwork!  Today I’m organizing things to send off to our accountant for taxes. It’s so easy to let these little jobs pile up, but it’s nice to have the time to get organized.
  2. A snow day is also great for online shopping! I ordered this binder to carry at shows to hold our sales tax licenses and applications and all the paperwork I’m always stashing in my bag or the cash box.
  3. A snow day is the perfect day for some knitting! I’ve decided I need some finger-less mitts to wear at our spring shows, so I’m planning on casting on Ragtop by Susan Lawrence in our ModeWerk Worsted, color Daenerys’ Eyes.
ModeWerk Worsted in Daenerys’ Eyes
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Year Three – Finding Our Groove

Jasper with a mess o'fingering weight
Jasper with a mess o’fingering weight

This Fall marks the third year of ModeKnit Yarn’s existence. Shocking.

In some ways it feels like we just started last month, in other ways it feels as though we’ve been doing this for five or ten years.

We have some new ideas coming down the pike (new ball sizes, new NO SPOILER colorways, new patterns & classes), while we continue to tend to existing projects (mini skeins sets, FLOW, yarn clubs) and handle increasing wholesale orders (so good to hear that shops love our yarn!)  It’s been a very good year!

MKY Studio and 400 Skeins of Mercury
MKY Studio and 400 Skeins of Mercury

The new dye studio is insanely helpful in this portion of our growth, we lucked into an incredibly usable space at just the right time. Kathleen and I have both made major investments into the biz this year in terms of personal purchases which we will be using for the biz (an SUV for Kathleen, a house for me!) We’re not yet a large enough company to buy our own fleet of cars or build a workspace, but we’re getting there – slowly and surely.

I spent the weekend sick – I called it a cold – but it just felt like pure exhaustion. I have been pushing myself pretty hard for the past few weeks, finishing a HUGE order and getting the dye studio set up when I wasn’t actively dyeing.  Apparently the cold turned into stomach flu, but it feels as if it’s on the wane, and one of the great things about working at ‘home’ is that when I’m feeling good for a few hours, I can scoot out and get a bit done.  And there’s always computer work to do, too!

mercury_worsted_pileIt doesn’t do me any good to ignore the fact that I have a chronic condition (Fibromyalgia) so I try to be intelligent in my work habits, take time to care for me (bike rides, physical therapy, acupuncture, rest, etc.) so that my body has the strength to do the work that I love.

I realized on Sat that 250 skeins I’d dyed had dried lighter and less intensely than I liked, and will want to re-dip them (not a HUGE undertaking) but the pain of lifting and carrying so much wet yarn to wring out, etc., is the hardest part of my job. Re dyeing – overdyeing – is sometimes necessary.

The color we’re going for with these skeins is so deeply saturated that I’ve come to the conclusion that it takes two dips to get it, it’s just something I need to accept and move on. So we make our way – slowly sometimes – and create the colors in the yarn that make us (and hopefully our customers) happy!

As with any job, if you don’t find the parts that make your soul sing, you won’t be able to stick with it for long. I love what I do, and in addition to constantly trying to improve our colors and selection of products, my biggest hurdle is trying to improve my own ability to create those products.

Becca, hard at work and loving it.
Becca, hard at work and loving it.

Weeks like this, with a HUGE dye job in front of me, I’m so grateful to have an assistant like Becca. She makes this whole thing possible on several levels. So after resting (sleeping!) for most of the weekend, I embark on a new week of dyeing and thinking up new colors, coming up with ideas for new designs and continuing on the never ending task of organizing our new dye space. And I’m so happy and proud to be able to do it with Becca by my side.

Another new thing we’ve added in this, our third year, is our Podcast.  We’re still finding our feet, putting out episodes in an erratic manner but moving toward a more serious schedule.  We do what we can do, but I hope that you’ll find some of the conversations Kathleen and I have been having with knit folks interesting and inspiring!  Here’s to more – and more regular – episodes in year FOUR of ModeKnit Yarn!