Sherlock’s Kitchen

Sherlock's Kitchen
Sherlock’s Kitchen

Sherlock’s Kitchen
#2 in the 221b Series of Colors
Sherlock, Seasons 1-3, Various Episodes

Kitchen, or laboratory?

There’s more cadaver than cooking in the back room at 221b Baker Street, and no mistake. It’s hard to call a room a ‘kitchen’ when you’re as likely to get an eyeball in your tea as milk, but at least there’s a ‘fridge for Chinese take-away leftovers. And thumbs.

From John Watson’s Blog

“…he knows a couple of nice restaurants so he’s not all bad.”

Sherlock's Kitchen Colorway
Sherlock’s Kitchen Colorway

It’s fitting that the color scheme of Sherlock’s Kitchen is green – all shades of green! We’ve never seen him eat a salad, but he’s surrounded with greenery.

Light green, medium green, leaf green, industrial green, jade, olive, spring, pistachio, honeydew – ALL THE GREENS!

More depth?
You want more depth in your colors? 

Tune in tomorrow…

A Study In Pink

Today we unveil a new adventure; 221B Colors!  A line of colorways based on the saturated colors of the BBC/Masterpiece TV program, Sherlock.

It’s part of a continuing series of colorways we’re calling “NO SPOILERS!” – read more about it here.

Color #1 in the 221b Series of Colors
Sherlock, Season 1, Episode 1

People are dying, apparent suicides, but there is more to their deaths than meet the eye.

Sherlock Holmes, in his first case with his new Blogger Colleague, Dr. John Watson, is introduced to a victim, a woman clad predominantly in pink, and the game begins!

From John Watson’s Blog

Sherlock thinks everyone else is stupid so he’s like a kid at Christmas when it turns out that one of us have done something clever. I’m not talking about me but our murder victim. She hadn’t lost her phone. She hadn’t left it behind. She knew she was going to die so she’d left her phone in the taxi – And, like all modern phones, it had a GPS system so you could locate it. That brilliant woman had led us to her killer.

A Study In Pink Colorway
A Study In Pink Colorway

A Study In Pink references the myriad shades of the victim’s coat, shoes, suitcase and – most important – cell phone, blended in a vibrant, snappy colorway which would work magnificently with any neutral, or with an equally sizzling tones!

This couldn’t be the only colorway, could it?  Tune in tomorrow…