NEW Knitting Dead Colors Revealed!

Farewell Friends

MKYTKDyarn cake ballweb image
Penny Blake

Saying goodbye is never easy, but this season we’re bidding a fond farewell to two colors in order to make way for two new colors!

MKYTKDyarn cake ballweb image
Hershel Greene

We’re sending off Penny Blake (The Governor’s Daughter – yeah, no one knew who she was…)

We’re also sending off Hershel Greene (the best damn father figure since Dale Horvath!) and we’re very sad to see both of them go!  But this allows us a chance to introduce 2 bright, shiny new colorways!


Don’t mourn the old colors for long, we have two NEW colors with which to enchant you!

Glenn Rhee

Happy, Loving, Humble Glenn
Happy, Loving, Humble Glenn

Glenn is the best. Period.

Glenn is positive, upbeat, a kick-ass defender but still very humble at the same time.  Maggie is one lucky woman.

He may have been a simple delivery boy pre-outbreak, but now Glenn’s the soul of Rick’s band of merry folk.

Dressed to Kill
Dressed to Kill

Glenn doesn’t act out of pride, he acts out of LOVE and compassion. Glenn is amazing.

Why didn’t we do a Glenn color before? Perhaps it was because of his humility. Glenn can be easily passed over, which is a deadly mistake a few walkers have made (to their eternal chagrin.)

Glenn Rhee in ModeWerk Fingering
Glenn Rhee in ModeWerk Fingering

Our new Glenn Rhee color is a faded red (for his ubiquitous baseball cap) and a deep black (for his ink-dark hair) mixed in a dependably repeating color (be forewarned, it will either stripe or pool, depending on how it’s worked up)

Twinset Jan suggested this color, so she will be our first winner of the Mini Skein Set of The Knitting Dead featuring our two new colors.  Congratulations, Jan!

Lizzie Samuels

We’re officially calling this color, “Lizzie Samuels” but we all know that the REAL name is, “Look At The Flowers, Lizzie”

Look at the flowers, Lizzie...
Look at the flowers, Lizzie…
Why Lizzie had to go.
Why Lizzie had to go.

Perhaps the most shocking scene in all of The Walking Dead, the Carol/Lizzie/flowers scene was hard to watch and remains burned in the memories of all TWD fans.

Carol Peletier is a strong, caring woman whose love is encompassing enough to protect those around her, even if it means making very hard choices (setting fire to contagion carriers, eliminating a pint-sized threat-with-a-knife, etc.)

The way she eases Lizzie into her end is dreadfully loving, painfully caring; pure Carol. And this compelling scene is the source of our second new color.

Lizzie Samuels in ModeWerk Fingering
Lizzie Samuels in ModeWerk Fingering

Lizzie Samuels is a field of green dotted with yellows, oranges and a bit of pink (that’s poetic license on my part, the actual flowers in the scene were simply yellow)

It’s the prettiest colorway in The Knitting Dead series, I though it would be a relief to have at least ONE color that wasn’t dotted with blood bathed in a grey/green patina.

However this isn’t a brightly colored field of daisies, the overdyeing of the green adds some interesting mixes and blends, making it more complex, and a bit darker, than any ordinary meadow walk.

Not convinced.

The color was suggested by Lizzie Kate (sorry I didn’t add the splash of blood you suggested, see above for the reason) who will also receive a Mini Skein Set of The Knitting Dead featuring our two new colors.

Congratulations, Lizzie! (the winner of the skein… not the other one.)



Did you REALLY think we could keep it in the vault?

The Knitting Dead is back, but two of our beloved colors have experienced the True Death (uh oh, I’m Crossing the Memes … and here I go and do it a third time!)

So we bid a fond farewell to Hershel Greene and Penny Blake (the Governor’s zombie daughter, yeah, no one knew who she was…) and bring in two new colors.


I haven’t seen Season 5 of Walking Dead (airing October 12), although I know that Abraham Ford (Ginger, ex-Army guy) and Mary (Terminus big wig) will figure into it, but I don’t know enough about them to create a color for them.

SO, I’m asking YOU, our knitting audience & the general public, to submit your ideas for TWO NEW COLORS based on The Walking Dead TV show on AMC.

Help Us Choose our new colors for The Knitting Dead 2!

  • Maybe you feel there’s a character I’ve slighted by not giving them their own color [nods knowingly in the direction of a certain young fellow with a baseball cap, a great attitude & undying love for Maggie…]
  • Or perhaps there’s a location or event you’ve always wanted to see portrayed in yarn.
  • Or maybe you’ll be inspired by the first episode of season five, and want to see one of the new kids shown off in a beautiful, knitable (or crochetable) colorway!

Submit your ideas in the comments below right up until the Friday before the second episode of season five airs on Oct 17th.knitting_dead_color_sub_calWe’ll be unveiling our new colors immediately before the second episode airs on Oct 19th.


Leave a comment below to submit colors.  If someone else beats you to the punch, go ahead and submit your idea (we’ll be tallying up votes for Glenn, missing Baby Judith, or any notable Zombies and your vote/comment could tip the scale).

We’ll be choosing TWO winners, not necessarily at random (funny or incredibly useful color suggestions get high priority) and these two winners will receive a mini skein of the Knitting Dead Colors 2.

So get your thinking caps on and give us a SHOUT OUT! What colors do you want to see!

Archer Mitts

Archer Mitts shown in Officer Grimes/Daryl Dixon and Michonne/Hershel Greene
Archer Mitts shown in Officer Grimes/Daryl Dixon and Michonne/Hershel Greene

If you get my newsletter, you received a link for the Archer Mitts last week.

If not, here’s your link now!

They’re fun mitts, and — unusually for a free pattern — this involves techniques that are a bit beyond basic.

Provisional cast on? ICord Bind Off? Short Rows? Grafting? Creating a Thumb Gusset?

These are all techniques that you can try out with this simple pattern. Note that I said SIMPLE, which is not the same thing as EASY!

IMG_0810I’ve fallen in love with mitts; they’re not just fun to knit, they’re warm and allow full movement for your fingers. These are worked up in ModeLuxe, but to be honest you can use any worsted weight yarn (although ModeLuxe IS killer soft and delicious to knit up…)

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been dyeing up HUGE amounts of yarn, it’s selling like crazy, and I have more yarn waiting for me at home to dye up when I get back.

IMG_2406Where am I? I’m in Cleveland, preparing to tape a few segments of Knitting Daily TV tomorrow, and looking forward to seeing old friends!

I’m excited, but this evening is devoted to sitting still so my nail polish can dry, and figuring new ways to suck in my chins.

And now, MORE pictures of the lovely Archer Mitts (I can see Daryl wearing these during one of these Georgia snowstorms, right?)