Tuesday Treasures

Among the very first color inspirations for ModeKnit Yarn were minerals and gemstones.

 Amethyst crystals
Amethyst crystals

My background is in the jewelry business; I started working in jewelry stores when I was just out of college way back when, even though my degree is in theater and education. I even started the coursework to become a gemologist, but store management became my focus. By the summer of 2012, when I was downsized from my store, I had been in the jewelry business for more than 22 years at three different stores.

When Annie and I started ModeKnit Yarn, we thought colorways inspired by minerals and gemstones would be a great way to combine some of our interests and create some interesting color.


My favorite of all the Gemstone Colorways is Plum Jasper. I love the pink with streaks of black running through it. I actually have a stone pendant that looks very much like this yarn! I found it in a local thrift shop and it been a favorite ever since. I usually wear it on a long silver chain for a pop of color on a dark outfit. (I think I’ll wear it today!).

I’d love to knit up a cozy pink Plum Jasper scarf to wear all winter. Great for chasing away the winter blahs (although it’s been an absolutely fantastic fall. It’s bright and sunny today, with a high temp around 70!!!).

Here are some other mineral and gemstone colorways:

Our full range of colors can be found here on our website.

The ModeKnit Yarn Clubs are OPEN for membership! Sock Club details are here and DK Club details are here. Join the fun!

See you tomorrow for some Wednesday knitting!

Every Day in the Month of November

Today (November 1) marks the first day of NaBloPoMo, also known as National Blog Posting Month. I’ll be blogging every day in the month of November as I need to sharpen my rusty writing skills.  (Confession-I never know what to write about when I sit down to blog, so I’m hoping to use this month and this space to really organize my thoughts and get this blog on a regular schedule).

We’ve gots lots to share this month!  First up, our last show of the season is rapidly approaching.

FFFlogoThis coming Saturday, November 7th, ModeKnit Yarn will be vending at Fall Fiber Fest in Hopkins, MN. This is such a great little local show, featuring all local vendors and locally made products. We’re proud to be part of such a fabulous group!  It’s our first time vending (we attended last year). The vendor list is posted here.

The Market hours are 9am-4pm at the Eisenhower Community Center on Highway 7 in Hopkins, MN. If you’re local and you missed seeing us this year now is your chance to stock up on ModeKnit Yarn!

Rufous Kingfisher from our 2014 Sock Club
Rufous Kingfisher from our 2014 Sock Club


Our ModeKnit Yarn Clubs are OPEN! We have spots available, but not for long. All the details may be found here. We’ve got beautiful color inspirations, great patterns, and cool gifties. Join us today for some good fun!





Tomorrow: what we did on our weekend. See you then!





The ModeKnit Yarn Clubs are OPEN!

Calendar-Oct.-21-1024x789It’s Wednesday, October 21st, and you know what THAT means…our ModeKnit Yarn Clubs are open!  We’re so excited!

We’re introducing  our new ModeWerk DK Club and welcoming the return of our popular Sock Club. All the Club details can be found here!  Club pricing and sign ups are here.   Welcome to the Club!


In other news, we’re vending at Fall Fiber Festival in Hopkins, Minnesota on Saturday, November 7th from 9:00 am to 4:000pm. The show is at the Eisenhower Community Center on Highway 7. This is our last show in 2015, so come out and see us!


A sneak peek at our new gradient sets
A sneak peek at our new gradient sets

We’re debuting our new gradient sets at Fall Fiber Festival.  (I’m winding them as we speak.) These sets are “Dr Who” inspired and are sooooo pretty!  You’re looking at Tardis, Sonic. and Regeneration. We’ll also offer them online.

(Confession, I’m not up to speed on the new Dr Who series. Annie know SO much more than I do about the series. I watched faithfully way back in the Tom Baker days, and even knit a Dr Who scarf for a really good friend of mine. It took me six months and I missed his birthday by three weeks. He loves it!)


We’re also bringing our mini skein sets, our ever-popular Slippy Cowl kits, and lots and lots of skeins of yarn in all our bases.

See you there!