It’s Time for our Winter Sale!

Our annual winter sale is HAPPENING NOW!

Use code winter2018 at checkout to take 20.18% off your total purchase through January 31st!  Everything (except memberships to the Cassini Yarn Club) is on sale.

Have you been hankering for a new jacket? Our Garter Stripe Jacket Kit is now available online!  This cozy jacket is always a hit at fiber shows. Kits are available in a range of sizes starting at just $96.00 ($76.62 during the winter sale if you use code winter2018).

Shown in Lyanna Blue, Gilmarite, Pewter and Hydrangea FLOW.  Create your very own signature jacket by choosing four different colors for your kit; three non-FLOW colors and one FLOW colorway.  The finished garment runs large, so choose one size smaller if you need to.

Brahmin Moth Shawl in Sapphire, Chabazite and Bristol Pool.

What about a new shawl? Our Brahmin Moth Shawl is a fun project. A series of large miters and slip stitches and lots of garter stitch make this an adventurous (and intermediate) knit. For spectacular results chose three colorways; two colorways that you love, and one colorway that ties them together.


Slippy Cowl
Kathleen’s Slippy Cowl in ModeLuxe DK


Cowl anyone? Our Slippy Cowl will add a pop of color to any dark winter day! Choose two highly contrasting colors of Worsted or DK to achieve  the colorwork effect. The secret is you’re only knitting with one color at a time! If you can knit and purl, you can make this cowl!


Spinny Chullo in ModeSock

Do you crochet? Our Spinny Chullo kit is for you! This chullo is an excellent crochet adventure. Written for an intermediate crocheter, an adventurous beginner could work it as well.

Choose two contrasting colors and get started on your hat!


Remember, use coupon code winter2018  for 20.18% off now through January 31st!

The Corset Tank Top KAL

Silk corset in ModeLuxe DK, color Lavender
Silk corset in ModeLuxe DK, color Lavender

Imagine if you will a car ride from New York City to Maryland in the spring of 2004. Gerry is at the wheel, Annie is swatching with silk, translating an idea that has percolated for months into a garment. A fabulous, romantic, lovely garment now known as The Corset Tank Top. The corset slowly takes shape on the ride down to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. The top is knit. The notes are noted. The charts are charted. A stunning and sexy fitted top is the result!

Fast forward to the spring of 2016. Annie and Kathleen are hosting a Knit-Along for the now classic, still stylish Corset Tank Top. Our KAL is led by our dear friend Kimberly V, also known as SomeBunnysLove. Hop on over to her blog to see details on the KAL progress, or on her Ravelry project page. We’ll also be posting updates here as well as our Facebook page and our Instagram feed. We kick-off our KAL next month in mid-June.


Would you like to join us? We’re so excited to cast-on!




There are several ways to participate in our KAL:

Kimberly's Jade Corset
Kimberly’s Jade Corset

Knitting for Friends-A Slippy Cowl Giveaway!

I love knitting gifts for friends, and I love receiving hand-knit gifts. As I knitter, I appreciate the love and hard work that goes into creating a gift just for me.

Kathleen's Slippy Cowl in ModeLuxe DK
Kathleen’s New Slippy Cowl in ModeLuxe DK, shown in Pearl and Community Clinic

This past Christmas, Annie knit me a new Slippy Cowl. I accidentally felted the Slippy Cowl I knit for myself (that’s another blog post for another day!).  I was surprised and SO HAPPY! I seldom receive any hand-made gifts; it made my Christmas. I’ve been wearing it nearly every day, and I’ll be wearing it in our booth as we travel this year, so you all can see it too.

Over the years I’ve knitted my fair share of gifts for friends. Hats, mittens, fingerless mitts, cowls, scarves (including one epic Dr Who scarf for my closest guy friend. He took it to Seattle with him when he moved.). I truly hope they were all loved and worn. I don’t want to know if they were given away or donated.  I have a part-time job at a Goodwill boutique and we get a shocking number of donated hand-knits (well I’m always shocked. I don’t think my co-workers care.)

About two weeks ago we sent some yarn and a Slippy Cowl kit off to Virginia to Kimberly at Some Bunny’s Love. She knit it up (along with a matching hat) and gifted both to Kathy, her FedEx driver. Kathy was thrilled with her gift, and posed for this gorgeous photo. We think her smile is everything!

used with permission from Kathy and KimberlyKathy’s Slippy Cowl is knit in our ModeWerk Worsted; the colors are Daenerys’ Eyes and Chabazite. Kimberly’s project notes are Raveled here. The hat is Kimberly’s creation, knit from the leftover Modewerk Worsted and some Nashua Julia. (Photo used with permission from the model and from Kimberly)

There are SO MANY beautiful Slippy Cowls on Ravelry! Take a look at all the creative color pairings and design elements.

Go ahead, I’ll wait right here for you.

Aren’t they beautiful? Have you knit your own Slippy Cowl?  Did you know the pattern is free? That’s right. It’s free both on Ravelry and on our website.

Because we love you, we are giving away a Slippy Cowl kit in ModeWerk Worsted, in the colors of your choice.

All you need to do is leave us a comment telling us what two colors you would choose, and sign up for our newsletter.

All entries will go into the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, and we’ll choose a winner. Entries close at midnight on Sunday, February 14th. It’s our little Valentine to you, and our way of saying Thank-you! 

A Gallery of Slippy Cowls! (All photos used with permission)