ModeSock in Hydrangea and Wulfentine
Lefty knit in ModeSock. Colorways are Hydrangea FLOW and Wulfentine FLOW

This weekend we:

  • Retreated with friends to The Gathering Place at Whitetail Ridge. There was knitting, quilting, cooking, eating, blogging, laughter, wine and cider.
  • Shopped at Quilt Haven in Hutchinson, MN. Some of us went more than once. I love the fabrics and the historic building but I didn’t buy anything. I don’t quilt, but everyone else in our little group does.
  • Knitted away on projects for display at fiber shows and personal projects. Annie completed Lefty by Martina Behm as a booth sample.
  • Visited The World’s Largest Twine Ball by 1 Man (yes, that’s really the name!). Hilarity ensued.

    Is this the twine ball?
    Is this the twine ball?
  • Dropped off my car at the garage. Car troubles all the way home from Darwin. Possible fuel injector issues. Hopefully under warranty since they were all just replaced. Oy.

How was YOUR weekend?



Breaking the Silence!

It’s been such a long time since we’ve posted! (Since August! I’m somewhat amazed how fast the time has flown by…).

Annie and I have resolved to post more often here and over here at her personal page. I’m even thinking about blogging here every single day in November! I’m challenging myself!

Booth shot
Our booth at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival!


We’ve been very busy dyeing yarn and traveling to shows. In August we were in Schaumburg, IL at Stitches Midwest. We followed that up with two shows in September; the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI and North Country Fiber Fair in Watertown, SD. And on the first weekend in October we traveled “up north” in Minnesota to the Fosston Fiber Fest.


2015-09-18 13.54.29
Traveling gnomes in Dawson, MN



We love traveling to shows and meeting our customers! We’re working on our 2016 travel schedule right now. We’ve applied to several large, popular festivals (cross your fingers) and to some smaller, regional shows. It’s going to be an exciting year of travel for us! We’ll post our travel schedule here as we firm up show dates.




We’ve got so many other cool things in the works, which we’ll reveal on this page, on our Facebook page, on Annie’s Facebook page, in our Ravelry group, on our Twitter feed, and on Instagram! And in our newsletter. You do get our newsletter, don’t you? Newsletter subscribers are the first to know about clubs, festivals, and other ModeKnit Yarn news!

More about the Clubs on Wednesday!




How To Be A Cheap On-The-Road Date…

Pulled up to our booth, bike & yarn unpacked!
Pulled up to our booth, bike & yarn unpacked!

Kathleen and I arrived on Wednesday after a lovely drive down from the Twin Cities and, to our delight and amazement, the load-in for Stitches Midwest was astonishingly easy and civilized!

They let us drive our car/UHaul RIGHT INTO THE FACILITY and unload it next to our booth!

This was one of the most amazing events in my young life.

Which is 730, by the way. The only fly in the ointment was a certain mannequin which had lodged itself against the door, so after 15 minutes of straining, sweating and HUGE worrying, we were able to get the UHaul opened with the assistance of two hammers, a chisel and five strong men.

All of the men were impressed by my sailor’s vocabulary. Ahoy!

Loaded, not Set Up
Unpacked, not yet Set Up

After that, the load in was very quick, and since the market didn’t open until the next day at 6pm, we thought we’d leave our stuff and head back to the hotel to rest.

This meant adding an extra day to our trip. Ostensibly, we could have driven down early on Thursday, unpacked and set up, and worked Thurs evening, but that would have worn both of us down and I think it would have really affected our energy levels for the remainder of the show.

Tom, who is a Treat.
Tom, who is a Treat.

We returned, set up the booth, and who should our first customers be but my good friend Tom Treat, his lovely sister in law Linda and gorgeous Char!  We are so grateful to them both for their sunny visit, and for their patronage!  THANK YOU!

Yesterday (Friday) was the first full day of the show, and it was a nice, steady stream of customers and well wishers!

Today we have our STITCHES SATURDAY, which is supposed to be the busiest, craziest day.  Of course, I’m going in late.  Kathleen has been a champ about understanding my limited energy, so I ride over to the convention center about an hour after the show opens, and leave early to shop for dinner.

2015-08-06 11.14.41
Enjoying the Schaumburg Bike Highway!

I’ve been heading to Trader Joe’s or Costco to pick up something we can eat in our room, saving $$ on restaurant meals.  Plus, I get the bike rides in, and THAT means I have less pain!  Win-win-win!

We’re near a great shopping center, a Costco AND an Ikea, so we’ve been able to dine cheaply in our Springhill Suite room with refrigerator and microwave!

So I’d better head over and sell some yarn, dang it! Come by and see us in booth 730 – we’ll give you a delicious Green Tea candy and a hug!