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Hubble Sock Yarn Club


Mystic Mountain
Mystic Mountain

The response to our sock club this time has been overwhelming, and it got us to thinking…

The Hubble Image inspired colors are SO much fun to dye up, Annie was regretting the idea that the club would be over after only three colorways had been worked up.

And Kathleen is always hearing from folks who’ve missed a club deadline, or the club timing doesn’t work out well for them.

So we’re going to try an experiment…

Rolling Sock Yarn Club

What this means is that we will dye an entire YEAR of Hubble themed sock yarns, sending skeins on the 15th of every other month (Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug)  You can jump in whenever you want, and you can decide when you’d like your three-shipment period to start.

Galactic Core
Galactic Core

So, if you know you’d like to belong to a sock yarn club in late Spring, you could sign up today and tell us that you’d like to begin your three shipments in April.  Or if your club shipments are finishing and you’ve loved the colorways, you can sign up and continue getting entirely NEW colorways shipped every two months!

We’re anxious to hear what you think of this, and whether it makes the whole club membership a bit easier to work into your lives (instead of the other way around!)

So use the order form below to select the yarn base you’d like, and when you’d like your club to start, and on the 15th of that month get ready to receive some truly gorgeous yarn in a short while!

Socks In Space!

Our delicious and well-loved Sock Yarn Club has returned with a selection of FOUR different yarns from which to choose!

Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

Choose the yarn you’d like for your own club below, pick the strong & highly twisted ModeWerk Fingering, the beautifully draping ModeSock, the luxurious and indulgent silk/merino blend ModeLuxe Sock or the glittering, stellar ModeStar.

The theme of the club this year will be Hubble, with colors inspired by photographs taken by The Hubble Telescope.  Edwin Hubble, for whom the scope is named, is more than worthy of an entire sock club, expanding our view beyond the milky way and opening horizons for star-gazers of all levels!  There will be one warm colorway, one cool colorway, and one mixed (warm/cool) colorway, colors are still in the works!

THREE is a Magic Number

Tarantula Nebula
Tarantula Nebula

As mentioned above, this is a ROLLING yarn club, so you’ll receive three shipments spaced 2 months apart (so the club length is 6 months – with THREE shipments)  You can choose to begin your club whenever you like, as long as you’d like to begin it on Dec 15, Feb 15, Apr 15, June 15 or Aug 15.

Each shipment will include your yarn, plus a sweet little giftie chosen to go with your skein.  US Shipping is included, for international orders we’ll invoice you an additional $15 for shipping ($5 extra/each shipment)


Jupiter's New Red Spot
Jupiter’s New Red Spot (may not represent actual inspiration for yarn color)

Once you’re a member of the ModeKnit Sock Yarn Club, you can order any yarn in any of our ModeKnit Colors and receive a discount as our thank you! (Remember to add the phrase “Club Member” to the notes section of your order and you’ll receive a 15% discount on everything you order, the discount amount will be refunded to your paypal account within 48 hours.)

Sock Yarn Club Bases
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