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After a brief hiatus (okay a few months…) due to general busy-ness of a hand dyeing business, a major move (house and aforementioned business) AND an old computer finally giving up the ghost, we have achieved PODCAST again!

My new MacBook Pro allows me to do cool things like actually read emails AND edit a podcast – huzzah!  With my old MacBook I’d worn it to the place where it took about an hour to export an MP3 file.  Today I did it in 3 minutes.  Touch me!

We’re hoping to stick to an two-week schedule with the casts, but we’ll see what life throws up at us!  At any rate, the previous podcasts are up and eminently listenable, here’s hoping they bring a bit of enjoyment to your fiber related, industrious and ever-artful activities!

You can listen online at the MKY Podcast page, or you can subscribe via iTunes or Android and have the episodes downloaded when you least expect it!

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