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Color Affection: New Knitting Obsession

Kathleen is knitting Color Affection. It look like it’s number 11,770 in the Ravelry statistics for the pattern. That is an amazing amount of garter stitch and short rows!

A riot  of color!
A riot of color!

After Shepherd’s Harvest, we decided we needed another sample project for our booth, and we wanted something that would show off more than one color of our yarn. Color Affection is so lovely and so well-known. Kathleen bought the pattern ages ago, and was wanting to cast on, so we decided she would knit it with three complementary colors of ModeWerk Fingering.

Brazilianite, Garnet, I Will Burn You!
Brazilianite, Garnet, I Will Burn You!


Kathleen chose Brazilianite, Garnet and I Will Burn You (now retired). So far she has completed the first section, and 8 of the first set of stripes. She is really looking forward to knitting the short rows next.

Stay tuned for more progress shots!

In other news, we are getting ready for The Midwest Folk Art and Fiber Fair August 1-3 at Lake County Fairgrounds, Grayslake, IL. (YES, it’s air-conditioned!!)

Annie is teaching and Kathleen is vending so stop by and see us. We will have new Flow colors and a new mini skein colors for you!!

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