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Introducing ELNORA!

What a busy, busy Late Winter / Early Spring ModeKnit Yarn has had!

The road home through Nebraska.
The road home through Nebraska.

Madison, Minneapolis, Loveland and SO many huge orders in between! New yarns have been tried (and most passed on), new dyes have been used (and the results are FABulous!) and new employees have been hired (Hi, Becca!)  It’s been an amazing few months!

For weeks at a time Kathleen and I spent more time with each other than we did with our husbands, and the friendship and partnership thrives! Huzzah!

Shepherd’s Harvest

Andy Will Welcome You!
Andy Will Welcome You!

Tomorrow and Sunday are Shepherd’s Harvest, a wonderful Minnesota fiber fair and MKY tradition. As usual, it will be in Lake Elmo at the Washington County Fairgrounds, admission is $5 with free parking (kids are free, too!)

Well, it’s our 2nd year, so that’s a mini-tradition! 

Mention or show the coupon at the bottom of this post and get 10% off of your entire order!  We’ll be in Booth B, in a double booth, so we’ll have lots of room for laughing, shmoozing and yarn loving!

I love Shepherd’s Harvest, I’ve taught there a few times (always so wonderful, always so chilly…) and the vibe is among the best of all the fiber shows I’ve visited!

In preparation we’re trying to follow the Ron Miskin (Buffalo Wool Co) rule of thumb*, “Bring three times what you think you’ll sell…”

…and so we’ve been dying our hands off!

C'mon & Get It!
C’mon & Get It!

Our FLOW colorways have been selling out in the past few shows, so we’ve dyed MANY thousands of grams of them!

Our Dragon Dances mini skeins (and all the Game Of Throne inspired colors) are also selling so well, so we’ve dyed a buttload (that’s an official measure in the dyeing world…)

But, and here’s the BIG news for many of our loyal customers, “THAT” crocheted cowl which has been a fixture in our booth in so many shows, has finally been patterned!

And it’s free on our website.

Elnora Cowl

Elnora Cowl in one of our current FLOW colors: Iris
Elnora Cowl in one of our current FLOW colors: Iris

Named after one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite books, “A Girl Of The Limberlost”, the Elnora Cowl is an EXCELLENT vehicle for our beautifully dyed FLOW colorways!

If you’re familiar with this great book, you’ll probably understand why I am so inspired by moths and butterflies when designing garments and devising new colorways.

Andy is home, and she's modeling garments!
Andy is home, and she’s modeling garments!


The Elnora Cowl is actually a very simple 8-row repeat. If you can make a chain, single crochet and can count to skip stitches, you’ll be able to work this up. It’s great fun, and very easy to memorize!

To download this pdf file pattern, click on the “Pattern” heading above, then go to FREE Patterns and click on the image.  All of our patterns are available there, broken down by yarn recommendation and free/paid patterns.

Caveat: This pattern has NOT been tech edited.  I know, that’s wrong of me. But, it’s such a darn simple pattern that it seemed, well, overkill for a free pattern. 

So, if you care to download our new ELNORA cowl and give it a run, we’ll be more than happy to hear of any hiccups you run into.  And don’t forget to visit us at Shepherd’s Harvest and get 10% off with this coupon!


*I always follow EVERYTHING Ron says about anything, except politics…

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