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Thankful For The Return Of 221b!


More about that later…


We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us to find our footing as a fledgeling yarn company! Our customers, our vendors, those who helped with advice, booth tricks, microwaves (thanks Karen!) and color suggestions – thank you to ALL of you!

Thankful for so much, especially YARN!
Thankful for so much, especially YARN! (apologies to Norman Rockwell…)

Most especially, thank you to our families, who have been SO patient as we devote many, many hours to our start up! Beginning a new venture is never easy, but our friends and families have made it as positive as possible!

Wholesale Accounts!

2015 is the year we’ve always planned to go wholesale, in a small way, and so far we’re on track!

We’ve been updating some of our colors to make them ‘punchier’, adding new vibrant colors, and weeding out some duplicate colorways.

2014-11-23 16.10.23
Non-Flow Color Card

We’re also making up color cards to send out to prospective wholesale accounts. If you own a yarn shop and would like one of our information packets, please contact Kathleen and she’ll add you to the list!

Over the past few weeks I’ve dyed up a skein of EVERY one of our colors (sometimes several times to ‘lock in’ the dyeing method for a specific color) and now we’re taking those 80+ skeins and using them to make up color cards. Huge thanks to daughter Andy for her hard work over the Thanksgiving break!

Sherlock Colors (221b) are BACK!

As we change up our colors, one decision we’ve made is to keep ALL of the NO SPOILERS! colors around, adding them to our full palette of hues.

So 221B colors are BACK! We’ve updated Mary’s Maids (more vibrant) and Old Fashioned Villain (more RED!) and hope you like the changes!

The 221b colorways are available in all our delicious yarns, as well as 30g or 15 g mini skein sets.

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