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Dye Studio looking SE
Dye Studio looking SE toward house

Well, we’ve moved!

ModeKnit Yarn, LLC is now in a new space, which is conveniently located right behind Annie’s new home in St. Paul, MN!

Gerry took care of the move while Annie & Kathleen were in Wisconsin teaching and selling yarn.

Jack, aka "Lucky Marco!"
Jack, aka “Lucky Marco!”

We hired movers, and very good friend-of-ModeKnit-Yarn, Jack, came to be with Gerry for the move so he wouldn’t push himself too far (it’s always good to have a wing man to let you know when you’ve done enough!)

It was so odd to leave from one home on Thursday morning, travel to the WI Sheep & Wool Fest (as always, an AMAZING and lovely festival!) then come home to a DIFFERENT address.  The house is filled to the brim with boxes, but the important stuff (bed, food in the fridge, litter boxes) are in their places.  Yay!

2016-09-07-17-55-33Annie took the ceremonial “shower with no shower curtain” last night, baptizing the bathroom, and she must admit that this slightly smaller house will take some getting used to.

Unfortunately, during the move (or right after) Gerry locked the keys to the house/garage IN the garage, so he was not able to leave the house, or open the garage all day Sat & Sun.

So a locksmith has come and gone, the garage is open so Annie can begin to get the new dye space in order, and Gerry can actually TAKE THE CAR and go grocery shopping!  He’ll need to, as also locked in the garage was the contents of the freezer, and very little of it made it unscathed.

Large, well lit & heated space!
Large, well lit & heated space!

The dog loves the backyard – although we need to have a fence installed – and the cats were enjoying rubbing themselves all over the cement patio.  Cats love a good scratching!

Since we’re still in flux with the move, there will be precious few orders finished this coming week.

We anticipate getting the dye works up to full speed beginning Monday, 9/19, and then we’ll be in full production for the Fall.

2016-09-07-17-55-31Full production will mean TWO different Yarn Clubs, we’ll have details on them next weekend (just as soon as we do the math…)

In the mean time, enjoy these lovely photos of our  new dye studio (totally empty – soon to be remedied! Two of my stainless steel pieces have arrived already!)


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