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Yellow Dragon Circus

Yellow Dragon Circus
Yellow Dragon Circus

#3 in the 221b Series of Colors
Season 1, Episode 2 – The Blind Banker

Theatrical Performance or Art Installation?

A basic rule of thumb for asking a girl on a date is DO NOT LET YOUR FRIEND SHERLOCK ARRANGE THE VENUE. At this point in their relationship John was still figuring this out, and in his defense, it was probably flattering to receive a full 5 seconds of the great man’s full attention.

Still, a date’s a date – and this one was – stunning – and not in the best way.

From John Watson’s Blog

“Sherlock was, of course, his usual rude and arrogant self, ignoring Sarah. Until she pointed out that Soo Lin had already translated part of the code. Sherlock rushed out to do God knows what, leaving me and Sarah to be kidnapped. The date really hadn’t gone well.”

Yellow Dragon Circus Colorway
Yellow Dragon Circus Colorway

A complex colorway with depth and regular changes, if you allow Yellow Dragon Circus to have it’s own way, this yarn will OWN YOU.

But that’s part of it’s beautiful mystery!

A simple color with complex undertones?
Tune in tomorrow…

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