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Wool isn’t quite your bag?

We have two beautiful Linen yarns ModeFlax Lace and ModeFlax Sport.

  • ModeFlax Lace
    (approx 575 yd per 100gr skein)
  • ModeFlax Sport
    (approx 286 yd per 100gr skein)

COLOR NOTE  Since Linen is a plant fiber, it takes dye differently than wool or silk (which suck it up like a milkshake!) Therefore a color will appear gentler and softer in Linen than it would in our other bases.

Don’t believe the stories you’ve heard about linen and other plant fiber yarns, they’re much nicer to work with than many folks think!

Our linen’s been conditioned and re-skeined several times, helping to tame the fibers and making them easier to knit & crochet.  You will LOVE this lovely, glistening, strong fiber!

And to top it all off, ModeFlax machine washes and dries wonderfully! Every time you wash it, it just gets softer and softer!

Excellent for baby and children’s garments, for intimate items and summer fashions.

  • Lace (4 ply): Approx 33–40 sts over 4”/10cm using size 0-1US/1.5–2.25mm needles.
  • Sport (10 ply): Approx 23–26 sts over 4”/10cm using 3-5US/3.25-3.75 needles.

Hand dyed in the USA (Minnesota!)

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