"Midwife Speaking…"

The next in our NO SPOILERS! series, we take a trip back in time to London in the 50’s/60’s for a collection based on Call The Midwife.

As usual, all of these will be available in all our ModeKnit Yarns (ModeSock, ModeLuxe & ModeWerk.)

Above are stills from the 2014 season, via the BBC website, together with the colorways they inspired.

Our friends from Nonnatus House are back, and the art direction and costumes in this season are absolutely amazing! The Midwives and Sisters are moving into the 60′s in London, with all the color, light and edgy fashion that entails (Jean Shrimpton hair, anyone?)

They’re also moving into a new location (still in Poplar Borough of East London) with a new Community Clinic where new ways of dealing with the pain of childbirth are taught, along with many other new lessons this new era brings.