Yarn On Sale!

So, every now and then we try a new yarn out (and decide it’s not quite right for ModeKnit Yarn) and then we have hanks of it lying around.

Or we try an new color, only to discover it’s not something we want to continue.

So we present to you our Oops Yarn. It’s marked down up to 50% off, and although you won’t see it in our stable of yarns / colors, it’s perfectly knit-able and wonderful!


We tried this MCN, and it’s soft and wonderful, but I wasn’t nuts about the stitch definition. So here it is, discounted, because if you’re making socks who CARES about stitch def?
100g/434 yds, 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon.

$28, NOW $22 (25% discount)



We tried this lace base, but I’m feeling iffy about it. Here are two great colors dyed up, and we’re still SEARCHING for the perfect lace yarn base. Until then, here’s a discount for you!
100g/775 yards, 80% Superfine Merino, 10% Silk.

$38, NOW $19 (50% Discount)


ModeLace Discount Yarn


We LOVE this yarn, but not these colors, not so much. So here they are, and they’re on sale!
100g/106 yards, 100% Superwash Merino. ModeBulk is ALSO available in our entire palette of colors!

ModeBulk Discount Yarn