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Stars Hollow Stories


Our 20g or 50g Mini Skein Sets are available in ModeWerk Fingering

Sock Weight

50g=200 yards

20g=80 yards

80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon

27-32 stitches over 4″/10cm in Stockinette stitch using a 2.25mm-3.25mm needle (US sizes 1-3)

Machine wash cool. Air dry.

Hand-dyed with Love in Minnesota!

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Come on, you KNOW you want it.

If you love Gilmore Girls, you LOVE Gilmore Girls — and we here at ModeKnit Yarn absolutely ADORE this series (almost as much as Lorelai adores coffee)

Aside from the personal comparisons, and the fact that tea tends to be Annie’s beverage of choice, we LOVE the storylines and auxiliary characters that round out Stars Hollow. Plus, we can’t help but look at ModeKnit Yarn as our own, personal Dragonfly Inn. And — for the record — ModeKnit Yarn HAS been the most exciting three years of our lives! Here are the 6 Gilmore Girls colors we’re offering up for this edition of NO SPOILERS! We based them on 5 iconic characters plus the Dragonfly Inn.


It begins and ends with Lorelai, doesn’t it? Her actions, independence, humor, and strength are the backbone of the entire series. Perhaps her stubbornness trips her up, and Lorelai’s commitment issues are legendary, but in the end, she’s worth waiting for!

The colorway is a mix of black (Lorelai’s raven locks) & brown (coffee!!) with the character influences of Emily’s yellow, Sookie’s pink & Luke’s true blue nature.


Throughout the course of the series, we have seen Rory grow from a coltish adolescent to an elegant, swan-like young woman. She is everything that Lorelai dreamed for her, and so much more!

Still developing as a human being (aren’t we all!), Rory’s color is a lighter version of Lorelai, but still influenced by Emily, Sookie & Luke. Much of the colorway is white, allowing her room to continue to paint her own palette.


Everyone loves Sookie, and it’s not just because of her culinary skills! Sookie’s the friend and partner we all dream of; loving, friendly, funny, supportive, and when it really matters – decisive!

Sookie’s colors are the rich brown of her auburn/red hair combined with her signature chef’s jacket color of magenta, blended with a touch of gold (reflecting her natural warmth and joyfulness.)


The anchor to Lorelai’s sometimes flighty impulses, Luke provides more than just coffee and a ready table. He is the glue of Stars Hollow (although he’d deny that) and he’d also deny that beneath his gruff exterior is a soft and warm heart. Easily the most generous soul in town, his positive influence has touched everyone around him.

Luke is true blue. From his baseball cap (a gift from Lorelai) to the walls of his diner, blue looks good on Luke and sums up his dependable nature.


One of the joys of the series was watching this third ‘Gilmore girl’ loosen up, let her hair down, and begin to guide Lorelai and Rory as they, in turn, help her learn more about her own needs and desires.

Emily’s color base is elegant platinum with touches of golden yellow and light pink, reflecting both the cool and the warm aspects of her personality.

Dragonfly Inn

It took SO long for Lorelai and Sookie’s dream to come to fruition, with many roadblocks along the way, but the Dragonfly Inn was worth the wait. The Inn is a beautiful blending of their personalities; organized efficiency from Lorelai, warmth, and flavor from Sookie, and this colorway was designed to mirror that marriage.

Touches of pink, purple, and yellow bring in the best colors from both Lorelai and Sookie’s individual palettes, mixed with green for the beautiful location of the Dragonfly Inn. It seems like a GREAT place for a knitting retreat, huh?

Mini-Skein Size

20g ModeWerk Fingering, 50g ModeWerk Fingering


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