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ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 005, Ellen Silva

Our fifth podcast is with amazing friend, designer, food scientist & all around great woman, Ellen SIlva. Along with her sister, Jan, Ellen is 1/2 of the Twinset Designs franchise and co-host of the Twinset Podcast.

Ellen’s been designing for ModeKnit yarn for a while and has created the amazingly beautiful Diana’s Quiver sock and the Foam Flower sock (soon to be available at our booth and on our website)

Ellen and I discuss social justice, working bodies, the joy of skipping and, of course, knitting!

ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 001, Daniel Beasley

We start our podcasting adventure with an interview with one of our favorite male knitters, Daniel Beasley. Daniel’s a member of our local Twin Cities knitting group, and just a great guy!

Mr. April, 2014 from the Stitch Seekers calendar (www.stitchseekers.com)
Mr. April, 2014 from the Stitch Seekers calendar (www.stitchseekers.com)

In this episode we chat about pets, drag queen names, family history, current projects and – of course – knitting!

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