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ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 013 Amy Detjen

Welcome to the ModeKnit Yarn Podcast.

In each episode Annie Modesitt or Kathleen Pascuzzi (or both of us!) will chat with some cool person from the knitting world – someone you may have heard of, or perhaps just someone down the street who we think you’d enjoy meeting.

Amy Detjen, a portrait in purple.

Amy Detjen

Episode 13 is a lovely, lovely visit with Amy Detjen.

How Amy and I aren’t related is a mystery to me, she FEELS like a long-lost cousin, which is probably why she’s one of the best loved and most favorite teachers around!

Amy and I discuss a WORLD of stuff, much of it having NO relation to fiber or knitting, but we certainly have a lovely, fun visit!  Apparently we’re living parallel lives with our ancestry.com and instant pot adventures!

We discuss world events, climate change, geneaology, politics, feeling overwhelmed in a complex world, depression and overcoming feelings of sadness.  Together Amy and I (and all of you) could probably change the world, that is if we’d take the time away from our knitting…

Note: Evidently I’m channeling my inner Phyllis Diller with the most bizarre laugh ever recorded.  My apologies.

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