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ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 006, Dora Ohrenstein

The Lovely Dora
The Lovely Dora

Welcome to the ModeKnit Yarn Podcast.

In each episode Annie Modesitt or Kathleen Pascuzzi (or both of us!) will chat with some cool person from the knitting world – someone you may have heard of, or perhaps just someone down the street who we think you’d enjoy meeting.

Our sixth podcast is with a wonderful crocheter, voice teacher, singer & designer, Dora Ohrenstein.

Annie met Dora about 9 years ago when she took a knitting class with her, and became closer friends when they discovered each others inner workers-rights advocate.

Crocheters Skill Building Workshop
Crocheters Skill Building Workshop

Dora’s an amazingly interesting woman (fiber arts aside) as befits someone who has spent a great deal of their life on the splendid Upper West Side of NY.  Dora and I discuss social justice, living in New York, the burden of perfectionism and the joy of crochet!

For ten years Dora was the solo singer of the Philip Glass Ensemble. In 2003 Dora attended a CGOA conference, where the late great Jean Leinhauser “discovered” her and mentored Dora into the world of designing.

Dora started the influential website Crochet Insider where you can find information on her patterns, classes, blog and even a video of Dora performing as a soloist with the Philip Glass ensemble!

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Crocheters Skill Building Workshop

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