Did you REALLY think we could keep it in the vault?

The Knitting Dead is back, but two of our beloved colors have experienced the True Death (uh oh, I’m Crossing the Memes … and here I go and do it a third time!)

So we bid a fond farewell to Hershel Greene and Penny Blake (the Governor’s zombie daughter, yeah, no one knew who she was…) and bring in two new colors.


I haven’t seen Season 5 of Walking Dead (airing October 12), although I know that Abraham Ford (Ginger, ex-Army guy) and Mary (Terminus big wig) will figure into it, but I don’t know enough about them to create a color for them.

SO, I’m asking YOU, our knitting audience & the general public, to submit your ideas for TWO NEW COLORS based on The Walking Dead TV show on AMC.

Help Us Choose our new colors for The Knitting Dead 2!

  • Maybe you feel there’s a character I’ve slighted by not giving them their own color [nods knowingly in the direction of a certain young fellow with a baseball cap, a great attitude & undying love for Maggie…]
  • Or perhaps there’s a location or event you’ve always wanted to see portrayed in yarn.
  • Or maybe you’ll be inspired by the first episode of season five, and want to see one of the new kids shown off in a beautiful, knitable (or crochetable) colorway!

Submit your ideas in the comments below right up until the Friday before the second episode of season five airs on Oct 17th.knitting_dead_color_sub_calWe’ll be unveiling our new colors immediately before the second episode airs on Oct 19th.


Leave a comment below to submit colors.  If someone else beats you to the punch, go ahead and submit your idea (we’ll be tallying up votes for Glenn, missing Baby Judith, or any notable Zombies and your vote/comment could tip the scale).

We’ll be choosing TWO winners, not necessarily at random (funny or incredibly useful color suggestions get high priority) and these two winners will receive a mini skein of the Knitting Dead Colors 2.

So get your thinking caps on and give us a SHOUT OUT! What colors do you want to see!

Claire’s Cabled Capelet – FREE!

Stone Circle in Raphoe, Ireland
Stone Circle in Raphoe, Ireland where I did not, sadly, fall into the past.

I LOVE Outlander! I’ve loved the books by Diana Gabaldon for years, and I’m totally in love with the Starz Mini Series (which is incredibly well done, small costume issues aside – huge, bulky knit cowls, I’m looking at you…)

But overall the details are perfect, the story is exceptional, and if you’re watching it, I want you to pay attention to the editing, which I think is first rate.

It’s not easy to do a time-travel type of thing and have it make sense. This mini series moves back and forth from 1743 to 1945 with a lovely grace and ease, the editing is in large part responsible for this excellent, graceful movement.

So I’m willing to forgive a decolletage that’s a bit too popping (poor Claire’s not terribly well endowed, so I’m thinking they felt they had to push her up farther than she probably would have been in order to appeal to modern eyes…) and some hand knits that look remarkably modern (it would be more likely that knitting was used to make stockings, caps, and smaller gauge garments based on the yarn that was being spun at the time) because I just LIKE the show so darned much.

Free Pattern

And because I like – no, LOVE – Outlander,Outlander 2014 I’m in a generous mood and I’m gifting to everyone who wants my own version of the lovely capelet that Claire wears during the boar hunt episode.

However, I’m beginning to think that any SANE person would head for the hills when they see Claire coming near them, wherever she goes someone gets hurt, or sick, or has an accident and she is, almost magically, able to pop up with the correct diagnosis to save a life. A veritable encyclopedia brown of floral medicine.

claires_capeletAnyway, my version of the cape is a bit more involved than the original in the TV show. It has some cables, a short row, textured collar and a twisted cord tie.

And it’s blue. Aside from that, when you wear it, it will be just like being time-transported back to Jacobite Scotland and meeting a tall, beefy, red-haired handsome fellow with ice-blue slanted cat-eyes and a slow smile that warms the heart…

But I forget myself.

It’s modeled by a lovely young woman who was in my recent classes in Dallas. She agreed to model for me in exchange for a ball of yarn, and I think I got the better end of the deal. She’s absolutely lovely, AND she let me pile her hair on top of her head like Claire. What a champ!

Here’s the link to download the pattern.

Knit Along

I’d love to do a knit along of this, Kathleen and I would host it over at Ravelry, at the ModeKnit Yarn group. If you want to participate, go on over there (and for heaven’s sake, sign up for the group if you’re not in it yet!) and soon we’ll start casting on together and working through the techniques one by one!

I’m new at this knit along thing, so be gentle with me! You help me work through leading a knit along, and I’ll help you mistress the cool techniques in this great garment!