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The Knitting Dead, Color 1: Officer Grimes

Rick's Patrol Car
Rick’s Patrol Car

Today I begin revealing a series of colors based on AMC’s The Walking Dead which I’m calling, The Knitting Dead.

Personally, I can’t understand why there’s not more knitting (or ANY knitting) in TWD, I feel the producers are missing out on a huge section of their fan base.

The Hat
The Hat

And we KNOW there are some damned fine yarn shops in Georgia! Plus, I refuse to believe that all knitting would cease when the zombie apocolypse begins.

I’ll begin at the beginning; Rick Grime’s former life as an Sheriff’s Deputy in Georgia.

Even after the entire world changes and Rick loses, then finds, his family, he retains the identity as Officer Grimes in everything but title.

Officer Grimes in ModeWerk
Officer Grimes in ModeWerk

Rick is the authority figure, the decider, the one who – for better or for worse – most folks turn to within his group for guidance.

Rick has the power to decide where the group goes, who stays within the group, and who is banished to the zombieverse outside of his charmed circle.

Rick can pass his hat on to Carl, he can try to deny that he is the power, but he retains the aura of Officer Grimes to everyone within his group.


Officer Grimes in ModeLuxe
Officer Grimes in ModeLuxe

Officer Grimes is a blend of the beautiful blue of his Georgia patrol car; the deep, rich brown of his iconic hat, the warm tan of his uniform with just a touch of creamy white.


Officer Grimes sums up, in a color sense, how Rick saw himself before the zombie virus sets in, and how many continue to see him.

2 thoughts on “The Knitting Dead, Color 1: Officer Grimes”

  1. I am so hooked on this – thanks to my almost middle-aged daughter – that I can’t miss it! Watched the marathons, twice, but have yet to see episode 1 – that would be nice. And, I try to knit but there is so much to see, unless it’s totally mindless I’d miss everything!

    Wondered how they would begin tonight… very well.

    Now, as far as you creating colors, you have the creativity. I on the other hand would end up with mostly dark (black, grey, brown, red/blood, dirty white, splotchy everything). Have I given you and ideas? haha!

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with, I’m sure I’ll have to have some (love dark colors)! And, Officer Grimes is great, since I missed that one, I also missed all those lovely colorful sparkling shades.

    Thanks, I’ll be thinking of you every Sunday for sure.

  2. Why are so MANY zombie women in dresses? Honestly, like 98%. When the zombie apocalypse hit, was everybody washing their jeans and having to wear a skirt? It’s become a game at my house: try to find a zombie lady in pants. We almost never do.

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