Time Lord Gradients

It was inevitable.

(And who’s to say we haven’t come up with these colors a few years from now
and finally circled back to 2015 to include them in our No Spoilers series?)

Direct, from the future, we present TIME LORD GRADIENTS!

We’ve chosen three compelling Dr. Who color inspirations for each gradient set, a new phase in our NO SPOILERS line, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



The ubiquitous police box blue of the Tardis is a color that’s difficult to find in nature, which is why it stands out like a sore thumb just about anywhere the Doctor lands (except in early 20th Century London)

This range of blues, do, however, present a lovely approximation of the evening sky as it darkens to night.

How many Tardi are out there each evening that we’re missing?



Every one needs a sonic screwdriver.

Most men think they already posses one.

You can use these amazing greens ranging from pale chartreuse to dark acid as accents in your knitting. Or use them all together in an overwhelming symphony of sonic-ness!


There’s a feeling something’s up when the Doctor’s been poorly for days, is running a fever and his pulses are racing.

Then, when glowing golden light emanates from his extremities, we all know we’re in for a NEW face on the old doc.

(When, oh when, will it be a woman…)

Time Lord Gradients

I started dyeing stuff back in grad school, in the late 80’s/early 90’s at Rutgers U, where I was a costume and set design grad student. We had a huge dye vat, and one of my favorite things was dumping assorted fabric items into pools of color and watching them metamorphose.

Except for that one time that someone was drying white shirts with a fan blowing on them in the same room as the dye and I happened to open a can of scarlet… little red dots all over the shirts. It was like a scene from I Love Lucy, but with lots of red dye.

So I had played with dyeing yarn all through the 90’s and into the 2000’s, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I seriously began thinking of dyeing my own colors.  Specifically, I wanted more yellow (it was always so hard for me to find…) and I wanted really beautiful colorways in superwash wools.

And, let’s be honest, you can design 10 patterns and not earn as much as you could net in one nice yarn sale.

Time Lord Gradients

When Kathleen and I began ModeKnit Yarn in Oct 2013, figuring colorways was pretty easy. Her background was in jewelry, so using semi-precious colors was a nice segue into a brilliant palette.

We began adding colors with our No Spoilers series, the most recent of which are gradients based on Dr. Who. I like to think I’ve actually come up with these Time Lord Gradient colors some time in 2018, when a female Doctor finally shows up, but through the magic of the Tardis we’re able to present these three gradient sets to you NOW!

Use the dropdown order form on the right to order your gradient set today! If you start knitting now, you may have a project finished by last May Day!

Wednesday Knitting: Brahmin Moth Shawl Edition

Pictured in Pearl, Drogon, and Daryl Dixon

Annie  just released a new shawl pattern designed with our beautiful ModeWerk Fingering yarn!

The Brahmin Moth Shawl  is inspired by the Owl Moth, a uniquely patterned moth seen in both North and South America. The moth often looks like there are owl eyes on the wings and back, with dark and light lines on the body for a pronounced striping effect.


(Take a look at some very cool images online!)

The shawl is worked as a series of large mitered squares nested on a slip-stitch edge. On small (3.25mm) needles this creates a tight, angled scarf. On larger (3.75mm) needles it can be a lovely draping shawl. The pattern is available on Ravelry for $5.00. See  this beauty in person in three different colorways this coming Saturday at Fall Fiber Festival in Hopkins, MN. Not in Minnesota? We’ll have all three samples in our booth in 2016 as we travel to different shows.


Tomorrow: Throwback Thursday, or how Kathleen “learned” to knit!