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July Was SUPPOSED To Be S L O W . . .

On The Pier!

It’s been a busy Summer – a WONDERFUL Summer – but so busy!

Kathleen and I are doing as many fiber festivals as we feel we’re able, and each time we do a new one we look at each other and say, in unison,

“Should we add ANOTHER SHOW?”

Our answer is, of course, “HELL YES!” (We swear. Sorry.)

Wait, who’s DRIVING?

But with all of our online sales, fiber shows & festivals & a few wholesale accounts, we were REALLY looking forward to the month of July with very few commitments.

Boy were WE wrong!

It’s been a VERY busy month.  We’re using our “down” time to make some hard (but necessary) decisions, develop some new FLOW colors, apply to a few new shows and learn to streamline some of our business choices.

I feel SO fortunate that Kathleen is along with me on this journey, we are both folks who can learn from our mistakes, and don’t feel the need to remind our partner of past missteps.

We’re lucky!


We Live In Paradise, St. Paul, MN!

We’ve downsized the amount of colors in our Mini Skein Sets, and at the same time we’ve increased the amount of yarn in each mini skein.

Starting now, you can purchase any mini skein set in SIX edited colors in 50g or 25g sets (300g and 150g total, respectively)

The price has increased slightly, but only because the amount of yarn has increased, too!


Kathleen, showing off.
Kathleen, showing off.

We’re putting together a few new exciting clubs; new themes, new yarns, and of course, brand new COLORS!

The clubs were SUCH an exciting element for us, allowing me to play with new colors and allowing Kathleen to experiment with useful and wonderful little gifties for each kit shipment.

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing our new clubs in August, and each club will have a limited number of places!


We’ll be updating all of our customers and friends as the Summer continues, BOY are we looking forward to a beautiful Fall!

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