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ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 009, Biggan Ryd Dups

Colorful Ponchos

Welcome to the ModeKnit Yarn Podcast.

In each episode Annie Modesitt or Kathleen Pascuzzi (or both of us!) will chat with some cool person from the knitting world – someone you may have heard of, or perhaps just someone down the street who we think you’d enjoy meeting.

Our ninth episode features Biggan Ryd Dups, a friend of mine who also happens to be an amazing hand knit designer and creator of an incredible line of colorful yarns that are a dream to knit with!

Baby Peacock Blanket

Biggan and I met in London around seven years ago, and we immediately hit it off!  She’s a forward thinking, passionate knitter who lives life fully and richly!  Beautiful inside and out, I think you’ll really love this visit with Biggan and will soon consider her a good friend!

We chat about Biggan’s start in Sweden, the difference between social services in our two nations and then we spend a LOT of time discussing politics – socialism, kindness, Buddhism, gay rights, all kind of stuff, so be warned!

We also discuss our love of being around knitters, how much we gain from our students, and compare notes on how some current fashions can make ANYONE look unattractive (we sound a lot like my mother in this section, I guess that happens to everyone as they grow older…)


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