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ModeKnit Yarn Podcast 011 Romi Hill

Welcome to the ModeKnit Yarn Podcast.

In each episode Annie Modesitt or Kathleen Pascuzzi (or both of us!) will chat with some cool person from the knitting world – someone you may have heard of, or perhaps just someone down the street who we think you’d enjoy meeting.

Romi Hill

Episode 11 is a visit with the popular and gracious Romi Hill!  Romi has been tearing up the knit-alongs for a few years now, and has become a favorite among knitters who enjoy a beautiful and satisfying shawl pattern.

New Lace Knitting

Romi and I met online about a dozen years ago in an online forum for designers, and love it when we’re able to get together at fiber shows or knitting conventions.  I admire Romi so much, as a designer, as a teacher, and as a mom and just a great human being!

Kathleen joins us in this very casual conversation, the only thing that would have made our get together better is if we had been able to go on for several hours!

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