Black Cyber! Brahmin Moth at 15% Off All Weekend!


Brahmin Moth, Mitered Squares

Brahmin Moth Shawl, A Festival of Large Mitered Squares

You pick the three colors you love (think HIGH CONTRAST) and we’ll kit this up and send it off to you right away!

The Brahmin Moth is a beautiful creature, full of lines and circles and color juxtapositions that you can almost feel.

I’ve worked on this pattern for months, and now it’s been released to the wild! Fly, little pattern, fly!

The kit is $62, $52 Through Dec 1 which is a nice discount on the yarn PLUS you get a copy of the pattern (a $5 value!)  That’s only ONE DOLLAR for every week in the year!

How can you beat that?

Color 1 (palette below)
Color 2 (palette below)
Color 3 (palette below)
Yarn Choice
* = Color not available in ModeFlax
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Red Wedding, Lannister Gold & A Study In Pink

Red Wedding, Lannister Gold & A Study In Pink

The Brahmin Moth Shawl is definitely not an EASY knit, it takes concentration and a certain dedication to following the pattern. But it’s well worth it.

The pattern involves mitering, slipped stitches and picking up stitches, which makes it an Intermediate pattern. And an adventure!

Lyanna Blue, Chabazite & Gilmarite

Lyanna Blue, Chabazite & Gilmarite

Pattern Info

Brahmin in Pearl, Drogon & Darryl Dixon

Brahmin in Pearl, Drogon & Darryl Dixon

Worked as a series of large mitered squares nested on a slip-stitch edge, on small (3.25mm) needles this creates a tight, angled scarf. On larger (3.75mm) needles it can be a lovely draping shawl.
Finished Measurements: 76”/193cm wide x 10”/25.5cm deep
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Red Wedding, Lannister Gold & A Study In Pink

Red Wedding, Lannister Gold & A Study In Pink

Fiber: ModeKnit Yarn, ModeWerk Fingering,
(386yds /352m 3.5oz /100gr) per skein
Yarn A – Pearl, 1 ball
Yarn B – Drogon, 1ball
Yarn C – Daryl Dixon, 1ball

Needle: 3 US/3.25mm 36” Circular
Gauge: 24sts x 48 rows = 4”/10cm in Garter St using
Notions: Waste yarn for catching edge sts (optional)
Darning needle, 2 stitch markers.

Time Lord Gradients

I started dyeing stuff back in grad school, in the late 80’s/early 90’s at Rutgers U, where I was a costume and set design grad student. We had a huge dye vat, and one of my favorite things was dumping assorted fabric items into pools of color and watching them metamorphose.

Except for that one time that someone was drying white shirts with a fan blowing on them in the same room as the dye and I happened to open a can of scarlet… little red dots all over the shirts. It was like a scene from I Love Lucy, but with lots of red dye.

So I had played with dyeing yarn all through the 90’s and into the 2000’s, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I seriously began thinking of dyeing my own colors.  Specifically, I wanted more yellow (it was always so hard for me to find…) and I wanted really beautiful colorways in superwash wools.

And, let’s be honest, you can design 10 patterns and not earn as much as you could net in one nice yarn sale.

Time Lord Gradients

When Kathleen and I began ModeKnit Yarn in Oct 2013, figuring colorways was pretty easy. Her background was in jewelry, so using semi-precious colors was a nice segue into a brilliant palette.

We began adding colors with our No Spoilers series, the most recent of which are gradients based on Dr. Who. I like to think I’ve actually come up with these Time Lord Gradient colors some time in 2018, when a female Doctor finally shows up, but through the magic of the Tardis we’re able to present these three gradient sets to you NOW!

Use the dropdown order form on the right to order your gradient set today! If you start knitting now, you may have a project finished by last May Day!

Minnesota Fun!

This might have happened on the way home from the Fosston Fiber Festival in early October.

Big Paul and Kathleen

Big Paul and Kathleen

This also might have happened at the same time.

Annie and Paul

Annie and Paul

This particular larger-than-life Paul Bunyan is in Akeley, MN, also known as the birthplace of the big guy. There are lots of fun sites like this all over Minnesota, and we love stopping when we can. It makes for a fun trip.

What’s your favorite unusual roadside attraction?

Throwback Thursday-Crocheted Vest Edition

I’ve been cleaning out my office, trying to consolidate paper, photos, and stuff from my mom’s house. It’s been an epic job, and it’s ongoing.

I keep coming across things I forgot about, especially photos. I found my kindergarten class photo from 1973, and it’s pretty cute.

So stylin' at five years old!

So stylin’ at five years old!

Here’s me wearing a crocheted granny-square vest made by either my grandmother, Madeline, or by a family friend, Jenny. I’m not sure and there’s no one to ask (I’ve become the Keeper of Family Lore now that my mom is gone).

I loved, loved, loved that vest. It was pink and blue and I wore it with the white blouse you see in the picture (look at that Peter-Pan collar!) and a little navy-blue pleated skirt with knee-socks and Mary-Jane shoes. I am such my mother’s daughter, always remembering the outfit and loving to dress up.

Somewhere in our family photos is a color version of this picture. I vividly remember my grandmother having it out and framed until I was in college. I know I’ll run across it one of these days.


It’s pretty amazing the granny square has stood the test of time. Annie designed AND crocheted this pretty shrug for our FLOW yarn. It gets tons of attention and try-ons at fiber shows, and everyone who was around in the 60’s and 70’s says the same thing:

“Oh, I had a granny-square                    ! ”

Granny Square Shrug in ModeSock FLOW-Community Clinic

Granny Square Shrug in ModeSock FLOW-Community Clinic-3 skeins

The pattern is free on our website!  Order FLOW yarn here.

Tomorrow-A cute photo on Friday!




Works-in-Progress Part I

I’ve been promising to show a few of my many works-in-progress here on the blog. Yesterday I popped over to Ravelry to check my projects page and I looked through my knitting bags here at home. I’ve realized a few things:

Wiggle Cat

Wiggle Cat

  • Realization#1- I have a raging case of Startitis and have lots of projects started, or bundled up with pattern and needles waiting to cast on.
  • Realization #2- I am a terrible Raveler and I don’t really keep track of projects or take pictures of the things I knit.
  • Realization #3- I should challenge myself to finish two things before the end of the year.
  • Realization #4- It’s hard to photograph when cats are present.

The two most likely candidates for finishing by the end of 2015 are WingSpan and Wiggle Wrap. These are the two projects I’ve been knitting the most lately. Both were recently started and they’re holding my attention as I’m knitting both in gradient, color-change yarn.


Wingspan is an extremely popular pattern by maylin Tri’Coterie Designs. Right now on Ravelry you can view 10,648 projects ( but not mine as I’ve not yet entered it into my projects page).

I’m knitting this Wingspan as a ModeKnit Yarn booth sample, and I’m using two different colorways of our FLOW in ModeSock, Granite and Lilac. I’m going to add the Lilac after I finish the white part of the Granite so the colors flow from dark grey to light grey to white to purple to grey.

Wingspan progress

Wingspan progress

You can see the white part of the yarn wrapped around the ball in the yarn bowl. Why is it wrapped around the ball like that? Because I had three sections of this done when I ripped it back to start over on larger, sharper needles. I’m a very tight knitter, and I usually need to up 1-2 needles sizes on any project. I think these are size 7 Addi Lace Turbo needles. This is excellent “potato-chip” knitting, and a great way to perfect you garter stitch!

Wiggle Wrap

I’m knitting this wrap in the yarn called for, Kauni Effektgarn. It’s a stash buster project; I bought this yarn when a LYS was going out of business and had absolutely no plans for what to do with this. It’s been marinating in my stash for quite a while now. The pattern was suggested to me by some customers in Fosston. They were buying FLOW to knit the wrap in a lighter, less scratchy yarn. I’m knitting this for myself, and I’m going to have to condition it to soften the yarn. It’s nice tv knitting, not too challenging, and it goes very quickly. I like the way the colors are unfolding. This is pretty tonal rather than colorful, but that’s what I wanted. There is a little maroon, pink, white and light grey in the balls of yarn, so there will be a little more color.

Wiggle Wrap

Wiggle Wrap

I’ll share more of my projects as the month goes on!




We Love Paris

I first visited Paris in the 1980’s.  I have traveled to Paris with friends, business comrades, family and alone.  I love Paris, and it’s been on my mind for the past few weeks.  Here are some shots of my last trip to Paris in 2008, when I went with my daughter and a good friend and HER daughter.

All of our thoughts and good wishes go to the people of Paris, and anyone affected by this terrible attack.

Free Patterns on Friday!

Did you know we have free patterns right here on our website?  Annie designed a number of patterns for our different yarns, and they can be found here.

The Slippy Cowl- available as a kit in ModeLuxe and MordeWerk Worsted.

The Slippy Cowl- available as a kit in ModeLuxe and MordeWerk Worsted.

Our favorite free pattern is the Slippy Cowl. This easy cowl looks great in two contrasting colors of ModeLuxe Worsted or ModeWerk Worsted. I’m wearing mine in this selfie I took in Madison, WI last February. I loved knitting this. It was two evenings of TV knitting; very fast and very satisfying. I wear my cowl at this time of year since my neck is always cold. I’d love to sit and knit this up for Christmas gifts for everyone on my list.

I’d also like to make myself a Molly Hooper Cowl in two really bright, contrasting colors. My love for bright pink is well-documented, but I also love oranges and reds. Maybe this will be a winter project!

Elnora Cowl in ModeSock-Hydrangea FLOW

Elnora Cowl in ModeSock-Hydrangea FLOW


Do you crochet? I don’t crochet well but I really want to improve. Annie is an amazing crocheter. She worked up our Elnora Cowl specifically for our FLOW colorways to show off the color changes.

This beauty, crocheted by Silvernfire, won a 5th place ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair!  How cool is that! We love the way the purple flows to  blue and back to purple. So pretty!

Elnora in ModeWerk Fingering-Iris FLOW

Elnora in ModeWerk Fingering-Iris FLOW




What’s your favorite Annie Modesitt pattern?




Tomorrow: A peek into my knitting basket.

Throwback Thursday: Our ModeKnit Yarn Story

One question Annie and I are asked all the time is How did you two meet? Another question is How/Why did you start ModeKnit Yarn? The answers to both are intertwined.

Friends from way back!

Friends from way back!

Annie and I met back in May of 2008 (I think). My friend Karen and I took one of Annie’s knitting classes at Shepherd’s Harvest on Mother’s Day.  We had a ton of fun and learned so much. After that initial class, Annie and I kept running into each other. Karen and I went to one of Annie’s book-signings, and we attended a weekend retreat in New London, MN that Annie taught. We started hanging out, knitting and meeting up for coffee, and Annie invited me to join her knitting group. We’ve been friends ever since.

I started working with Annie when she released her book History on Two Needles, helping fulfill the Kickstarter perks and sending out press releases. It was fun and different from what I was doing as a jewelry store manager.

Black tie event as a jewelry store manager

Black tie event as a jewelry store manager

Fast forward to August of 2012. I was released from my job (a position I held for almost 17 years). It was surreal, sad, and extremely liberating. I felt a profound sense of relief, like I was shedding a skin that didn’t quite fit any longer. I hardly had time to get used to being unemployed when exactly a week later my brother called to tell me our mother was in the hospital and I needed to be there. I flew out to Florida the next day and stayed until October caring for her until I had to come home to register for unemployment and look for a job.

That Christmas my husband Tom and I went back to Florida to spend time with my mother and brother. I knew deep in my heart it was going to be her last Christmas, and we wanted to make it special for her. We hosted her annual Christmas Eve party, making sure she was the belle of the ball. It was the first Christmas I spent with her in at least 20 years, and I’m so, so glad I did. My father passed away in 1998, and I’ve always regretted not calling that morning. I had the impulse, but didn’t act on it. This time I have no regrets.

Christmas 2012- note the afghan on the chair!

Christmas 2012- note the afghan on the chair!

Tom and I flew home on New Year’s Eve, and in January I started a temp job working at a credit union. I wanted a job that was Monday-Friday and flexible, because I knew I would need to head back to Florida sooner than later. The call came in early June of 2013. Once again I flew to Florida and Robert and I (with the help of an amazing hospice) cared for our mother until she passed away in July.

My Minnesota friends, especially Annie and her family, were a huge support to me during that time.  I don’t think I would have made it through without them.

I came home to Minnesota in August, and started trying to figure out what I wanted to do. What I really wanted was to own my own business. (MY brother had the same idea. He opened his restaurant last year!) I started thinking about opening a little jewelry resale business on Ebay.  One day soon after I got back, Annie and I were talking, and she mentioned she wanted to dye yarn and open a business. And we started talking about opening that business together. We sat down and talked, and collaborated, and worked out the details and all the legalities.

ModeKnit Yarn was born.

It’s been an amazing journey! As I look back now at how I got here, I realize everything happens for a reason. I paid attention to what the universe was telling me, and I changed my life for the better. I love what we do here at ModeKnit Yarn, and I love being part of it with Annie! It feels like the right fit.




Inspiration is everywhere!

Yesterday, I promised to show you my UFO basket and my works-in-progress, but I think I’ll save that for the weeknd. Today I’d rather give you a sneak peek of the first Sock Club colorways! You might have seen this already on our Facebook page, but it’s so pretty I couldn’t resist showing the pictures here too!

cool plus inspiration

Cool colorway

Remember that Heirloom Corn image that was floating around with the gorgeous ears of colorful corn from Punk Rock Homesteading?

Well, we’ve taken that as inspiration for our first Sock Yarn Club shipment this year, and we’re doing a cool AND a warm version of that beautiful maize!

Warm colorway

Warm colorway


And it doesn’t stop there! There is a brand new, exclusive sock pattern included with each shipment, as well as a fun gift. I’m not going to reveal those! (I don’t want to give everything away).

All the Club details can be found here.  To join the Club head over here.


Tomorrow: Throwback Thursday, The story behind ModeKnit Yarn.