The Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair

2014LogoModeKnit Yarn is hitting the road and heading to Grayslake, Il for The Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Festival on August 1,2,3 2014 at the Lake County Fairgrounds. (Why yes, it’s air-conditioned!).

We are in Booth #224F, right on the corner!


Annie is teaching at the Festival- check out her classes and register today! Annie is also signing books in our booth Friday and Saturday at 5:15 pm. We’ll have several of her current books available for purchase, including Confessions of a Knitting Heretic. Confessions

Kathleen will be manning the booth all three days, so make sure you stop by to say “Hi”. If you have a project you made with ModeKnit Yarn, please bring it along to share with us!

We are bringing lots of new yarns to the Fair! A large assortment of Flow,  our Semi-precious colors in ModeSock and ModeWerk, and mini skein sets! And all kinds of kits. Slippy Cowls for everyone!

Here’s a coupon for all your ModeKnit Yarn Fiber and Folk Art Fair needs. Just print it out or show us on your smartphone and save 10% in our booth.

Midwest Coupon


We are so excited to meet you! See you at the Fair!



Wrapped In Flow

Back in April, we brought the first balls of Flow to Yarnover.

A basket of ModeWerk Flow.

A basket of ModeWerk Flow.

You can see right there in the basket some Flow that is grey and yellow. There is also some that is grey and pink. We called these “Licorice Allsorts” and they were a huge hit with the knitters at the event.

Our dear friend Ellen from Twinset snagged some of the grey and yellow Flow. Our new friend Stacey of Fresh Stitches fame got some of the pink and grey Flow.

Both friends knit wraps from their Flow, and each wrap is as special and unique as the knitter who created it.



Ellen used her Flow to knit “Wrapsody in “Be” Fabulous” by the folks from StevenBe. StevenBe is an amazing yarn shop in Minneapolis owned by the fabulous Steven Berg.

Wrapsody a la Mode used one skein of Flow in ModeWerk Fingering (386 yds, 100 grams).

(Click on each picture to make larger).


Stacey is knitting Heartbreak with her Flow. Heartbreak is a garter stitch project with short rows. Stacy used all of one ball of Flow in ModeWerk Fingering, along with some black and a matching grey as the one ball was not quite enough to finish the project.

We love love love both of these projects! It is so amazing to see the Flow used in two distinctly different wraps. Each wrap showcases the color change beautifully.


Licorice Allsorts

Licorice Allsorts

Flow is now available here on our website. In the Chicago area? We will have Flow in our booth at the Midwest Folk Art and Fiber Festival August 1-3 in Grayslake, IL.

Order your Flow today and make something nice!


Introducing FLOW!

“Let it Flow, Let it Flow”…..(Now it’s in your head. You’re Welcome!)

Let it Flow

We are SO Excited to introduce a new ModeKnit Yarn; FLOW! We have been developing Flow for some time now, experimenting with long, graceful, gradual color changes.

As you knit, the yarn automatically changes from one color to another, blending beautifully with many lovely hues between the main colors in the yarn.

We are creating brand new colors in Flow, as well as deconstructing our Semi-precious colorways and creating Flow colors in our No Spoilers! colorways.

Flow is currently available in ModeWerk Worsted and supplies are limited. Order Flow here on our website. If you are in the Los Angeles area, A Major Knitwork in Van Nuys has a limited amount of Flow as well. Flow will also be available at The Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair  in August and The North Country Fiber Fair in September.

Special Orders

If you’d like us to create a blended gradient FLOW color for you, or would like to purchase a substantial amount (more than 300 gr) of an existing colorway, email us at kathleen at modeknit dot com (you know the right format) and we’ll work out the details with you.

How does Flow knit up? Pictures of a completed project coming soon…


Mini Skein Monday!

Back in April, ModeKnit Yarn was featured at A Major Knitwork in Van Nuys Ca during the LA County Yarn Crawl.

The Knitting Dead- 8 30g skeins

The Knitting Dead 30g mini skein set

ModeKnitter Minminlea purchased this mini skein set during the event.

It’s The Knitting Dead in ModeSock. Eight 30g/ 116 yd skeins of colors inspired by the tv show “The Walking Dead”.



Minminlea knit this lovely shawl!

Tre O Molti shawl

Tre O Molti shawl

This is Tre O Molti by Anthony Casalena. Tre O Molti means “Three or Many”. We think this is a great project for our 30 g mini-skein sets! The pattern calls for small amounts of different colored yarns.

Lovely lovely color!

Lovely lovely color!

View the project notes here.  There are great notes and in-progress pics. (All pictures here are used with permission.)

Mini skein sets are available here. Purchase Anthony’s pattern here.

What are you knitting with your mini skein set? Share your pictures and pattern ideas with us at kathleen at modeknit dot com.


Mini-Skein Monday!

A ModeKnit Yarn mini skein set has shown up in your mailbox. What are you going to knit or crochet?

Oh no! What do with these?

Oh no! What do I do with these?

How about a nice hat?

Matahari stripes up close!

Matahari stripes up close


Our friend and fellow designer Rohn Strong has designed the perfect hat!  Matahari uses small amounts of yarn to create a simple hat that shows off the yarn.  Use your mini skein set to make a few striped hats to give as gifts or keep for yourself. Read about Rohn’s design here.


ModeKnitter Ann V. sent us a photo of a cowl she knit with our retired 221 B set.

Sev[en] Circle Cowl

Sev[en] Circle Cowl




The pattern is  Sev[en] Circle by Kirsten Johnstone and it’s a FREE pattern.  This cowl looks like a pretty yarn necklace! Ann tells us she receives Tons of compliments when she wears this. Thanks for sharing Ann!

Please feel free to send us pictures of your completed projects! Email to Kathleen at Modeknit dot com (you know the real format) and we’ll share on the blog and on Facebook.











Color Affection: New Knitting Obsession

Kathleen is knitting Color Affection. It look like it’s number 11,770 in the Ravelry statistics for the pattern. That is an amazing amount of garter stitch and short rows!

A riot  of color!

A riot of color!

After Shepherd’s Harvest, we decided we needed another sample project for our booth, and we wanted something that would show off more than one color of our yarn. Color Affection is so lovely and so well-known. Kathleen bought the pattern ages ago, and was wanting to cast on, so we decided she would knit it with three complementary colors of ModeWerk Fingering.

Brazilianite, Garnet, I Will Burn You!

Brazilianite, Garnet, I Will Burn You!


Kathleen chose Brazilianite, Garnet and I Will Burn You (now retired). So far she has completed the first section, and 8 of the first set of stripes. She is really looking forward to knitting the short rows next.

Stay tuned for more progress shots!

In other news, we are getting ready for The Midwest Folk Art and Fiber Fair August 1-3 at Lake County Fairgrounds, Grayslake, IL. (YES, it’s air-conditioned!!)

Annie is teaching and Kathleen is vending so stop by and see us. We will have new Flow colors and a new mini skein colors for you!!

Mary Jane Socks

Who remembers wearing cute Mary Jane shoes with lace anklet socks??

We do!!

Lacy white anklets

Lacy white anklets

Who wishes there was a grown-up version for grown-up feet??

We do!!

Mary Jane socks

Mary Jane Socks

These lovelies are Mary Jane Socks by Joanne Seiff. These are toe-up ankle sock with short-row heels and a really fun, funky picot ruffle. The yarn is ModeWerk Fingering in Bumblebee Jasper. Test knitter dentnutter used size 2 needles and 85 grams of the 100 gram skein. The socks took approximately 18 hours to complete.

We love this colorway! The yellow with green and deep green knits up beautifully with minimal pooling. The yarn is a true workhorse; strong, and soft, with amazing stitch definition. It machine washes and dries wonderfully! The pattern is available here on Ravelry. Knit yourself some pretty anklets in ModeWerk Fingering or ModeSock today!

Shepherd’s Harvest 2014- Such a fun weekend!!

Kathleen had so much fun meeting all the ModeKnitters who stopped by the booth at Shepherd’s Harvest this past weekend!!!

The booth on Saturday morning.

The booth on Saturday morning.

The booth looked good! It’s definitely a work-in progress, changing a bit at each show. We added the display at the back of the booth (made by Kathleen’s husband Tom and her friend Karen). The fabric slings held many skeins of ModeWerk.

The tables held the rest of the goodies: the ModeLuxe and ModeSock, the samples, the Slippy Cowl kits and the mini skeins. We also had some of our new Flow.


Flow is something we are slowly introducing. It’s not yet available in our online shop. For now we will have it at shows and fiber festivals.

Flow in ModeMCN.  Summer Sky, Licorice AllSorts, and Calhoun

Flow in ModeMCN.
Summer Sky, Licorice AllSorts, and Calhoun


Flow features long color changes. It’s dyed that way, so there are no knots. Lovely stuff, especially in MCN (that’s merino, cashmere and nylon sock yarn, something else that’s a show-only item for now).


The Slippy Cowl kits were a big hit. Annie’s daughter Andy wore one both days. ModeKnitter Sue wore hers to show us. She bought the kit a few weeks ago at Yarnover.

All in all it was a fun and successful weekend for both ModeKnit Yarn partners. Annie taught great classes at Interweave Knit Lab in New Hampshire and met amazing and talented ModeKnitters. Kathleen sold lovely yarn in Minnesota and met more amazing and talented ModeKnitters.  We loved meeting you all!

Leave a comment and tell us what you learned or what you purchased, and what you plan to knit!