Introducing ELNORA!

What a busy, busy Late Winter / Early Spring ModeKnit Yarn has had!

The road home through Nebraska.

The road home through Nebraska.

Madison, Minneapolis, Loveland and SO many huge orders in between! New yarns have been tried (and most passed on), new dyes have been used (and the results are FABulous!) and new employees have been hired (Hi, Becca!)  It’s been an amazing few months!

For weeks at a time Kathleen and I spent more time with each other than we did with our husbands, and the friendship and partnership thrives! Huzzah!

Shepherd’s Harvest

Andy Will Welcome You!

Andy Will Welcome You!

Tomorrow and Sunday are Shepherd’s Harvest, a wonderful Minnesota fiber fair and MKY tradition. As usual, it will be in Lake Elmo at the Washington County Fairgrounds, admission is $5 with free parking (kids are free, too!)

Well, it’s our 2nd year, so that’s a mini-tradition! 

Mention or show the coupon at the bottom of this post and get 10% off of your entire order!  We’ll be in Booth B, in a double booth, so we’ll have lots of room for laughing, shmoozing and yarn loving!

I love Shepherd’s Harvest, I’ve taught there a few times (always so wonderful, always so chilly…) and the vibe is among the best of all the fiber shows I’ve visited!

In preparation we’re trying to follow the Ron Miskin (Buffalo Wool Co) rule of thumb*, “Bring three times what you think you’ll sell…”

…and so we’ve been dying our hands off!

C'mon & Get It!

C’mon & Get It!

Our FLOW colorways have been selling out in the past few shows, so we’ve dyed MANY thousands of grams of them!

Our Dragon Dances mini skeins (and all the Game Of Throne inspired colors) are also selling so well, so we’ve dyed a buttload (that’s an official measure in the dyeing world…)

But, and here’s the BIG news for many of our loyal customers, “THAT” crocheted cowl which has been a fixture in our booth in so many shows, has finally been patterned!

And it’s free on our website.

Elnora Cowl

Elnora Cowl in one of our current FLOW colors: Iris

Elnora Cowl in one of our current FLOW colors: Iris

Named after one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite books, “A Girl Of The Limberlost”, the Elnora Cowl is an EXCELLENT vehicle for our beautifully dyed FLOW colorways!

If you’re familiar with this great book, you’ll probably understand why I am so inspired by moths and butterflies when designing garments and devising new colorways.

Andy is home, and she's modeling garments!

Andy is home, and she’s modeling garments!


The Elnora Cowl is actually a very simple 8-row repeat. If you can make a chain, single crochet and can count to skip stitches, you’ll be able to work this up. It’s great fun, and very easy to memorize!

To download this pdf file pattern, click on the “Pattern” heading above, then go to FREE Patterns and click on the image.  All of our patterns are available there, broken down by yarn recommendation and free/paid patterns.

Caveat: This pattern has NOT been tech edited.  I know, that’s wrong of me. But, it’s such a darn simple pattern that it seemed, well, overkill for a free pattern. 

So, if you care to download our new ELNORA cowl and give it a run, we’ll be more than happy to hear of any hiccups you run into.  And don’t forget to visit us at Shepherd’s Harvest and get 10% off with this coupon!


*I always follow EVERYTHING Ron says about anything, except politics…

Fiber Love In LoveLand

We just spent the last week in Loveland, Colorado, vending and teaching at the inaugural Interweave Fiber Fest.  Two days driving out, two days driving back, three days of vending and teaching, one day of taping online classes for Interweave.

It was an amazingly full week that just FLEW by!

Boom! Shredded tire.

Boom! Shredded tire.

Minor road mishap just outside of Sterling, CO.  One of the tires on the U Haul wagon went flat! THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP.

We pulled to the side of the interstate by mile marker 138, waiting for U haul roadside assistance, passing the time the way fiber folks do (aka Knitting).

A nice service guy came out to help (aka ZZ Topp), and we were back on the road again, headed to Fort Collins and Loveland.

Always time for knitting!

Always time for knitting!




Interweave YarnFest was held at the Embassy Suites hotel and conference center in Loveland, CO. The weather turned gloomy with snow and rain, so it was great to have everything under one roof. The classrooms were right near the market, our room was right upstairs in the fancy glass elevator.

Thanks Interweave, it was an AMAZING weekend!

Interweave Yarn fest Booth 2The market was HUGE! So many vendors from all over and so many shoppers!  We met many amazing fiber folks!

We had so many goodies for sale; FLOW, mini skein sets (including the new Game of Thrones set) and  Slippy Cowl kits. ModeFlax was a huge hit, and so was Annie’s Knitting Millinery book.

We unveiled our Game Of Thrones colors, Dragon Dances, and pretty much sold out of everything with a Dragon we put out!

By Saturday afternoon we had sold out of ModeSock in FLOW and sold most of our mini skein sets. We met so many talented folks who knit and crochet. Our Fingal’s Cave Scarf and Granny Square Shug were popular samples.

Annie’s classes were sold out as well, and the students were quite talented – fearless and confident and full of knitterly self-respect. Perfect students! New techniques were learned, and skills were honed.

We headed for home on Sunday afternoon pulling into Saint Paul late Monday afternoon. A whole week on the road!!

The road home through Nebraska.

The road home through Nebraska.

And now back to business- This coming Saturday, April 25, 2015, we’ll be vending locally at Yarnover, hosted by the MInnesota Knitter’s Guild.

Hopkins High School
2400 Lindbergh Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55305

The market is free and open to the public. We’re in Booth #10.

We’ll be restocked with freshly dyed yarn and ready meet you!

Stop by and say “Hi” and be sure to use our coupon.

Yarnover 2015 Coupon



Drogon, Viserion & Rhagal, angst filled teen dragons.

Daenerys, Drogon, Viserion & Rhagal; A girl and her angst-filled, teen dragons.

We are so excited to FINALLY offer a No Spoilers colorway set based on one of my favorite television programs of all times, HBO’s Game Of Thrones (A Song of Ice & Fire).

I’ve read the books, I’ve watched the programs MULTIPLE times, I have my favorite characters, I’ve engaged in online discussion forums about them, I follow the actors and production people for the show on Twitter, and I’ve even had one dream about dragons. I am a proud GOT nerd.

dragon_dance_labelWe’ve chosen eight compelling Game of Throne inspirations for this latest colorway in the NO SPOILERS line, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Because I’m a bit obsessed about the Dragons (and Daenerys) FOUR of our colors are directly influenced by these flying raptors & their mother.



Daenerys Eyes

Daenery's Eyes

Daenery’s Eyes

In the books the Targeryens are a family known for their silver-blonde hair and purple eyes.

In the first season of the HBO series, the Game Of Thrones production team tried to represent this with purple contact lenses for actress Emilia Clarke, but these proved too much of a barrier to expression by the actress. According to Dan Weiss & David Benioff, “actors act with their eyes, and [the lenses] really hurt the emotion.”

So this color actually will resonate more with the readers of the books, but it allows us to have a beautiful purple color (without resorting to the particular shade of Joffrey’s face at the “Purple Wedding”)

Dragon Drogon

Dragon Drogon

Dragon Drogon

Born in the funeral pyre of Khal Drago, the most forceful and commanding of Dany’s three dragon ‘children’ is Drogon, named after the Khal.

Drogon’s scales are black, his horns and spinal plates are blood red,and his eyes are smouldering red pits. — A Dance With Dragons

Dragon Viserion

MKY_067Dany’s brother Viserys, before his untimely (but perhaps well deserved) death-by-gold, often warned his sister not to ‘wake the dragon’, so it only seemed fair that one of her three dragon children would be named after him.

The majority of Viserion’s scales are cream, but his horns, wing bones and spinal crest are gold colored.[1][2] His teeth are shining black daggers. His eyes are two pools of molten gold and his flame is pale gold shot through with red and orange. — A Storm of Swords

Dragon Rhaegal

Dragon Rhagal

Dragon Rhagal

Name for Rhaegar Targaryn, the crown prince of Westeros who died in Robert’s Rebellion after kidnapping Lyanna Stark, Rhaegal is the green dragon;

His green scales are a dark green, the green of moss in the deep woods at dusk, just before the light fades, and they gleam like jade. His teeth and claws are black. — A Clash Of Kings

Lannister Gold

MKY_081One of the constants of A Song of Ice And Fire is the sheer wealth of the Lannister family. Clever and powerful, House Lannister’s words are “Hear Me Roar!” but unofficially their motto is “A Lannister always pays his debts.” They have the means and will power to pay any debt in full.

The Lannisters never declined, graciously or otherwise. The Lannisters took what was offered — Tyrion Lannister

Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

While the words of many houses are boasts, House Stark’s words, “Winter is Coming” is both a a promise and a threat.

The northernmost of the great houses, I drew from my own Minnesotan reality of a land of ice, and used the bright snowflakes and deep blue shadows of an evening blizzard, when one can almost imagine a White Walker strolling down Minnehaha.

Red Wedding

Red Wedding

Red Wedding

Dynastic marriages aren’t love matches, they’re contracts. When Robb Stark broke his contract with Walder Frey of the Twin Towers and marries Talisa, the stage is set for a massacre. By the time the check comes, everyone has either been killed, or has killed someone. Good times.

But is the Red Wedding solely the work of the Freys?

The Lannisters send their regards.
―Roose Bolton

Lyanna Blue

Lyanna Blue

Lyanna Blue

Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister & Robert Baratheon’s fiancée, has not yet been introduced in the HBO series (although Arya – one of my favorite characters – has been compared to her in her looks, temperament and physicality)

That’s Lyanna, my father’s sister. King Robert was supposed to marry her, but Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped her. Robert started a war to win her back, he killed Rhaegar, but she died anyway.
Bran Stark GOT Season 1, Episode 10

Lyanna’s abduction by Rhaegar Targaryn (who had earlier rebuffed his wife, Elia Martell, at a tournament at Harrenhal to present a blue winter rose laurel to Lyanna) sets the stage for the entire saga of A Song of Ice And Fire, and may provide the plot point upon which the drama concludes (rumors abound online…)


Some of my favorite GOT links are:


Purple & Khaki Stripe

Purple & Khaki Stripe

We’ve been working like crazy on a self striping yarn, and, by George, I think we’ve got it!

Our five test colorways (Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple and a Blue/Green I’m calling “Lyanna Blue” – more on that in a future blog post…) have been knitted by several testers, all of whom have enjoyed the range of subtle-to-well-defined stripes that we’ve been able to create in our yarn.

Lyanna Blue Stripes

Lyanna Blue Stripes

I know that this may seem like a small thing, even an almost boring thing, but for us — for ME, (the DYER) — it’s HUGE!

I’ve been trying to perfect a consistent striping technique (one that is strong, but also gradates subtly) for many months, and I cracked this almost by accident!

The Orange swatch shows quite well how the stripes not only repeat in a rhythmic manner, but also have their own gradient changes which allow them to work over a variety of stitch counts.

Orange/Pink/Brown Stripes

Orange/Pink/Brown Stripes

If you’ll be at Yarn Fest in Colorado, you’ll be able to see our new self striping colors in person.  We’ll have about half dozen balls of each color available for sale, along with our existing FLOW long-gradient colors and our Semi-Solids, Blends and Block colors.

We hope to have the colors up on the website soon, right now we’re developing self striping colorways that dovetail with our existing colors.

stripesBill Murray and his mother would both knit with this yarn.

And “Tha’s a fac, Jack!”*





*The publisher of this blog is in no way affiliated with Mr. Murray, nor does she have any information about the personal yarn inclinations of Mr. Murray or members of his immediate family.

(This is indeed, a fact, John, aka “Jack”)

Where in the World is ModeKnit Yarn?

It’s Spring Festival season, and Modeknit Yarn is heading out on the road! Will we be at a show near you?

Yarn Fest

We are at Interweave Yarn Fest in Loveland, CO April 16-19, 2015.  We will have our new colors, mini-skeins, kits and FLOW, Annie is teaching classes as well (there are still spaces in Knitting with Wire on Saturday afternoon and Knitting with Beads on Sunday morning).

12297-YF-were-exhibitingYarn Fest Marketplace Dates & Times
Thursday 4/16, 10-6
Friday 4/17, 10-8
Saturday 4/18 10-6

FREE to the public! Stop by booth #601
We would LOVE to meet you!



Yarnover 2014

Yarnover 2014

On April 25, 2015 we are back in Minnesota at Yarnover, held once again in the Hopkins High School,  2503 Lindbergh Dr, Minnetonka, MN.

Hosted by the Minnesota Knitter’s Guild, Yarnover is a fabulous day-long event with classes, a beautiful marketplace, knitting celebrities, dinners and talks! The Yarnover Marketplace is FREE and open to the public April 25, 8-4:45.

We would love to connect and reconnect with all our local friends so be sure to stop by and see us!

 Shepherd’s Harvest

Andy welcomes you!

Andy welcomes you!

On May 16 & 17, 2015 we will be at Shepherd’s Harvest in Lake Elmo, MN. Shepherd’s Harvest is one of our favorite festivals, and we’re so excited to be vending again this year! Two days of fun and fleece and sheep!

We are in Building B with a larger  booth full of our yummy yarn! Admission is $5.00 (ages 8 and under are FREE).

We’ll be posting show specials and coupons!


Sign up for our email list  and be the first to know what’s happening with ModeKnit Yarn! You’ll receive coupons, learn about specials and find out what classes Annie is teaching at various fiber shows!

And we have a winner!

The random number generator has spoken and the winner of the skein of semi-solid ModeWerk Worsted is Michelle H!!

Her winning comment: “My favorite color in third grade was hot pink, the same exact shade as the dye tub in that first pic. Now it’s purple, with turquoise as an honorable mention”.

Michelle H, you have been emailed! Thanks to everyone who left a comment!!

Solid As A Rock [granite, to be precise…]

dyeing flow2


Dyeing yarn is fun.

It can be hard, creating colors that can be recreated consistently, working up large orders, coming up with original and compelling inspirations – that can be difficult.

But, overall, it’s a blast, and I feel grateful to every customer we have who allows me to continue to dye beautiful yarn!



I love dyeing rich and varied colorways, they’re so gratifying! But sometimes I forget that, as a knitter, I REALLY enjoy working with semi-solids!

There’s something peaceful and compelling about working with a nice solid, one with subtle variations and some give-and-take in the depth of hue, that makes me very happy.



We have various semi-solids in our stable of colors, and we’ve added a few more. I’ve been dyeing up large amounts of these to fill orders, and also to take with us on our Spring/Summer Fiber Shows.

Some of our newest semi-solids are shades of grey; Pewter & Platinum.

2015-01-26 16.02.51Joining them as a gradient FLOW colorway is Granite, not specifically a semi-solid, but rather subdued as FLOW colors go!



Another great semi-solid addition is Sapphire. We’ve needed this color for quite a while; a generous and lively blue, not as dark as Lazurite or as attention-grabbing as Aquamarine, it’s a beautiful and compelling BLUE that sings when knit up with any of our other colors!

I hope you enjoy knitting with the semi-solids as much as I do. Solids are a simple pleasure, perhaps not as showy or vibrantly exciting as a variegated block, blend or FLOW, but semi-solids are still very satisfying.

We’d love to give a skein of one of our Semi-Solid colors (in ModeWerk Worsted) to a lucky customer! Just leave a comment telling us what your favorite color was in the 3rd grade, and what it is now. I always find it interesting to see how our color favs change (or don’t) as we grow from childhood to adulthood!

We’ll pick one commenter at random, contact the winner and ask what color they’d like, and send the skein off!  This contest closes Friday, Mar 20 at 5pm Central Time.  GOOD LUCK!

ALL of our beautiful Semi Solid Colors!

The ModeWerk FLOW Yarn Club!

frozen_clubWe’re pleased to introduce the ModeWerk FLOW Yarn Club! We are SO EXCITED to offer you this very special club!

The yarn we’ve chosen for this  club is our ModeWerk, available in three weights; fingering, worsted, and bulky.

Strong, soft, and machine washable, ModeWerk is a truly wonderful yarn for all your projects.

One of our current FLOW colors: Iris

One of our current FLOW colors: Iris

FLOW is a dyeing technique we use to create long, gliding color changes from one color to another.

Some FLOW colorways are monochromatic, while others encompass several different colors. As you knit or crochet, the yarn automatically changes from one color to another, blending beautifully!

Because FLOW is a labor intensive product, we’re limiting this club to 30 members. Our previous clubs have filled up quickly, and we feel this one, will, too!

US Domestic & International Pricing (shipping is included!)
Yarn Type (choose Fingering, Worsted or Bulky)

FLOW Club Details

  • FLOW Club members will receive 1 or 2 100-gr ball(s) of ModeWerk 100% Superwash Merino Yarn
  • Members can choose either fingering, worsted or bulky weight yarn
  • Yarn will arrive in THREE shipments, one shipment every other month.
  • Each shipment will contain a special little gift*
  • During the 6-month club membership period, exclusive club FLOW colors will ONLY be available to members.
  • As a club member, you have exclusive right to order additional 100gr balls of club-exclusive FLOW colors in any yarns we carry.
  • Any order you place during the 6-month club membership period (Feb-July, 2015) will receive 15% off of the non-shipping portion of your order.

*previous club gifts have included SOAK wash, Namaste Notion bags, Hello Kitty tape measures, hand-made stitch markers and other cool swag! We’re always looking for fun, high-value gifts that would make US happy, hoping they’ll make our members happy, too!

Wednesday Wonders Round-up: The Socks!

Joining Crochted Hex's Worked With ModeSock

Joining Crochted Hex’s Worked With ModeSock

One of the most satisfying things about making hand-dyed yarn is seeing the garments our customers create!

The marriage of yarn and project is  fascinating, we love to see how a pretty skein of yarn is utilized in the hands of a skilled knitter or crocheter.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 1.49.18 PM

Toes see 40% in MKY!

Right now on Ravelry there are 19 completed projects in ModeSock, 17 projects here and 2 more here.

The projects run the gamut; socks (of course), hats, cowls, sweaters, scarves,  and shawls. We’ve been featuring customer projects as Wednesday Wonders on our Facebook page.

(BTW: Have you “liked” our Facebook page?  Have you “liked” Annie’s Facebook page as well?)

Dan's Jesmond socks

Dan’s Jesmond socks

Jesmond Socks
Quietdanmn used the Mr Jesmond colorway from our “Midwife Speaking” collection for his beautiful socks.

The pattern is a hybrid; Dan combined several patterns to create his fabulous socks.

Nice job Dan!

Daryl Dixon for your feet!

Daryl Dixon for your feet!

Daryl Dixon Socks
Basketbagley used one skein of ModeSock in Daryl Dixon to knit her – what else? –  Daryl Dixon Socks.

The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks by  Erica Lueder (FREE on Ravelry!)

Congratulations Tracy!

Random stripes, perfect socks!

Random stripes, perfect socks!

Mindless Sampler Socks
Worked up in a Mini Skein Set, Wolfgirl88 knit these lovely socks!

The stripes beautifully highlight each separate color of The Knitting Dead set.  The pattern is Slip Stitch Heel Basic Socks by Wendy D. Johnson.

Great job, Richelle!


Diana's Quiver Sock by Ellen Silva

Diana’s Quiver Sock by Ellen Silva

Our dear friend Twinsetellen designed a beautiful pattern specifically for ModeSock.

Diana’s Quiver creates a lovely fabric, perfect for showing off variegated yarns (like our own Semi-Precious colors!)  It’s a delightful pattern and a fun knit!

All these gorgeous socks make us want to cast on RIGHT NOW. What’s your favorite sock pattern? Have you used ModeSock? Share your projects with us in the comments!

Lazurite Flow Featured In Knitty!!

Lazurite in Flow

Lazurite in Flow

The Winter 2014 Issue of Knitty is up, and ModeKnit Yarn was used to knit a featured pattern!

A few months back we received a request for yarn support. We sent off some ModeSock to New York to designer Joyce Fassbender, and we waited to see what would be created. Would it be socks? Or a cowl? Perhaps some gloves? Or something else?

It’s something else, that’s for sure!

It’s a shawl. A stunning lace shawlette inspired by childhood walks on the beach, combing for treasures. Comber was knit in both Flow and our Semi-Precious hand-painted yarn. We love each version but we admit to being just a little bit obsessed with the Flow shawl. Which one is YOUR favorite? (Click on each picture to make larger.)


We love the gradient shading in the Flow version of the shawl. The flow from dark to light to dark and back to light reflect the waves of Joyce’s childhood beach inspiration.  We also love the all-over dark-to-light effect in the hand-painted version. Such a pretty, pretty shawl!


 In other news, we have some lovely yarn up on our SALE page! There is some pretty MCN in Flow that would make a great Comber shawlette (just sayin’), and at a 25% discount! Pop over and check out the sale yarns!