Loch Ness

Loch Ness

We’re thrilled to announce ModeWerk in three weights

  • Fingering for lighter projects
    (approx 386 yd per 100gr skein)
  • Worsted/Aran weight for scarves, hats and sweaters (approx 176 yd per 100gr skein)
  • Bulky for quick, heavy projects
    (approx 106 yd per 100gr skein)

A true workhorse of a yarn; strong, soft, beautiful to knit with (amazing stitch definition) and to top it all off, it machine washes and dries wonderfully!

This is a wool yarn to convert folks to the beauty of easy-care wool!

  • Fingering (4 ply): Approx 28 sts = 4″/10cm using size 1US/2.25mm needles.
  • Worsted (10 ply): Approx 16 sts = 4″/10cm using 5-7US/3.75-4.5mm needles.
  • Bulky: Approx 10 sts = 4″/10cm using 11US/8mm needles.

Fingering & Worsted are a Product of South Africa,
Bulky is a product of the UK,
all weights are hand dyed in the USA (Minnesota!)

Yarn Type

Spessartine [Semi Precious]

Reminiscent of a golden sunset, orange red highlighted with deep pinks are mixed with creamy undertones.

Tanzanite [Semi Precious]

Bright blue and stark scarlet streaks on a deep purple base create a dramatic and beautiful fabric.

Wulfertine [Semi Precious]

Yellows and reds marry with shades of orange in a strong, blocky colorway with a rich life of it’s own.

Plum Jasper [Semi Precious]

Sometimes Pink & Black play nice, like on a Chanel box, but in this colorway they’ve met in a dark alley and are halfway through a rip roaring night on the town. And they might not be home for breakfast.

Mercury [Semi Precious]

Strong red & pink tones on light orange base with a touch of yellow, hot – like the planet for which it was named!

Lazurite [Semi Precious]

A strong blue with overtones of blue/black make this an unforgettable colorway.

Gilmarite [Semi Precious]

A mix of strong green and mid blue tones on an aqua base floats over touches of warm yellow.

Garnet [Semi Precious]

Deep, rich, strong red, so full of life you can almost taste it!

Epidote [Semi Precious]

A warm olive green with yellow and black overtones, excellent as a neutral or for traditional male garments.

Coal [Semi Precious]

Not just black, but a combination of colors overdyed with the darkest grey to create layers of black with unusual glints of lighter grey.

Chabazite [Semi Precious]

Rich orange and subtle pink tones blend onto a yellow base make a color with a bit more life than the average orange blend.

Bumblebee Jasper [Semi Precious]

An all over yellow-green with hints of warmer yellow and deep black to liven the coolness.

Brazillianite [Semi Precious]

Touches of warm yellow on a dark yellow base, a lovely contrast when used with more active colorways.

Pearl [Semi Precious]

A creamy, deep white with warmth in the light and coolness when paired with a darker color. This is the definitive neutral, a necessity!

A Study In Pink [221B Colors]

A Study In Pink references the myriad shades of the victim’s coat, shoes, suitcase and – most important – cell phone, blended in a vibrant, snappy colorway which would work magnificently with any neutral, or with an equally sizzling tones!

Bristol South Pool [221B Colors]

Everybody into the pool? I have to struggle to keep all of my colorways from being different shades of blue, I love the color so much! What I particularly love about THIS blue colorway, Bristol South Pool, is that it’s so changeable.

Daryl Dixon [The Knitting Dead]

Daryl Dixon a neutral camo green/tan, with strong blood & gore red/brown overtones and just a bit of gold shining through.

Michonne [The Knitting Dead]

Michonne is a rich, vibrant blend of pinks, purple and reds over a base of deep brown, reflecting her passion (both in terms of intense emotion and intense suffering)

London General [Midwife]

Every season it seems that Jenny gets herself seconded to the London General Hospital, the main draw being the dragon lady who administers the discipline to the wide-sleeved nurses. Watch for the deep blue uniform of the matron married with the lovely lavender of Jenny’s blouse and deep purple of her belt.

Peace Rose [Midwife]

Friends, like nations, sometimes fight. When peace is made, it’s a fragile and beautiful thing (and sometimes very short lived)  This color is based on the Peace Rose (introduced in late April, 1945) with predominant green and yellow tones and a barely visible touch of light peach / pink.

Sister Julienne [Midwife]

This could be named for any of the nuns at Nonnatus House, but Sister Julienne seems the most deserving of her own color. The medium cool blue of the nun’s habits blocked with the white of their wimples and barbettes is one of the more comforting sights in Poplar.

A Lovely Thing [Midwife]

Dressing for an evening out, a compact is spied, “What a lovely thing!”

But it’s a reminder of a brutal and tortured past, not lovely at all. Beauty can hide pain. Aqua, pink, gold & red are divided by strong slashes of black; a defining colorway.

Community Clinic [Midwife]

The ante natal clinics have moved into a beautiful new Community Center, resplendent in it’s cheery, hopeful mid-century colors. Lush corals, aqua, yellows and tans with just a hint of white make up this colorway which is perfect for babies (and adults of all ages!)

Mr. Jesmond [Midwife]

An architect/surveyor works in black and white, which is also the color of the dreary surroundings Mr. Jesmond finds himself in on his last job before a weekend away with Jenny.

A fine, masculine, no-nonsense, serious colorway, Mr. Jesmond is black, white (cream) and grey. That’s it.

Jenny Kissed Me [Midwife]

The same cream, black and grey as the colorway, “Mr. Jesmond”, but with the beautiful deep yellow and gold that Jenny seems to favor so much in her ‘nicer’ dresses.  This is a color which can stand on it’s own, or act as a choppy neutral to balance a stronger color.

Mrs. Moss [Midwife]

Mrs. Leah Moss has lived through her share of pain, she’s now ready for a bit of joy. But her mother has a problem which affects the whole family, a problem which makes her a prisoner in her home.

This colorway is based on the rich, warm tones of Mrs. Moss’s beautiful scarlet & purple dress, one of the loveliest in this season of Call The Midwife.

Thistle [Calendonian] Loch Ness [Calendonian] Wee Dram [Calendonian] Porridge & Honey [Calendonian] Edinburgh [Calendonian] Gorse [Calendonian] Clavie [Calendonian] Red Coat [Calendonian]


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