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Between-Xmas-NY-Week Sale!!!

The BEST sale ModeKnit Yarn has ever had!

We're good scouts, with our minds on different things...
Good scouts with our minds on different things…

KATHLEEN has gone off on vacation to Florida and I’m left alone in St. Paul.  Harumph.

So, I thought, “Why not give everyone 20% OFF on all of our yarns?”

That’ll teach Kathleen…

Seriously, have I gone nuts?* Did the cold get to me?* Is this payback because I’M NOT ON A BEACH?*

It’s because we love you.  And, as much as your family and friends also love you, and as bountiful as your holiday season’s been, we KNOW there are some exceptional yarns in delightful colors you’ve had your collective eyes on, and you may not have received them.

NOW you can get them. And at 20% off!

Note: Kathleen is basking on the sunny sands of Fort Myers Beach,
and since she constitutes our entire shipping department
the yarn you purchase will ship after January 9th.

The discount will show up in your shopping cart, no code required.

Note: this discount is ONLY for 100g skeins and balls of yarn,
not for kits, mini-skeins or patterns.

PS – Our prices will be going up in January,
so this is your last chance to stock on on some of your favorites
before inflation strikes ModeKnit Yarn!


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