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Shepherd’s Harvest 2014- Such a fun weekend!!

Kathleen had so much fun meeting all the ModeKnitters who stopped by the booth at Shepherd’s Harvest this past weekend!!!

The booth on Saturday morning.
The booth on Saturday morning.

The booth looked good! It’s definitely a work-in progress, changing a bit at each show. We added the display at the back of the booth (made by Kathleen’s husband Tom and her friend Karen). The fabric slings held many skeins of ModeWerk.

The tables held the rest of the goodies: the ModeLuxe and ModeSock, the samples, the Slippy Cowl kits and the mini skeins. We also had some of our new Flow.


Flow is something we are slowly introducing. It’s not yet available in our online shop. For now we will have it at shows and fiber festivals.

Flow in ModeMCN.  Summer Sky, Licorice AllSorts, and Calhoun
Flow in ModeMCN.
Summer Sky, Licorice AllSorts, and Calhoun


Flow features long color changes. It’s dyed that way, so there are no knots. Lovely stuff, especially in MCN (that’s merino, cashmere and nylon sock yarn, something else that’s a show-only item for now).


The Slippy Cowl kits were a big hit. Annie’s daughter Andy wore one both days. ModeKnitter Sue wore hers to show us. She bought the kit a few weeks ago at Yarnover.

All in all it was a fun and successful weekend for both ModeKnit Yarn partners. Annie taught great classes at Interweave Knit Lab in New Hampshire and met amazing and talented ModeKnitters. Kathleen sold lovely yarn in Minnesota and met more amazing and talented ModeKnitters.  We loved meeting you all!

Leave a comment and tell us what you learned or what you purchased, and what you plan to knit!

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