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The Rush, The Crash

Perhaps starting a new yarn company immediately before a busy holiday season wasn’t the brightest of ideas, but it wasn’t a bad one, either!

We were crazy busy, we sold out; more yarn arrived, I dyed it, now it is in the store.

That one simple sentence contains so much joy, fear, hope and hard work. It seems it should be a full paragraph, but one sentence will do!

$5.50 Flat Rate US Shipping / $15.50 Flat Rate Int’l Shipping

We’ve heard from some of you that shipping costs can be a deterrent, and we really want to get our beautiful yarn into your hot little hands, so we’re offering flat rate shipping on all orders!  No matter how much you order, you’ll only pay $5.50 for a US Domestic package, $15.50 for an International package of our fine yarns!

Etsy Shop

We’re trying new stuff, hopefully in a seamless way which will not cause undue stress for our customers!  Up to now we’ve had a gallery setup on our WordPress page allowing folks to buy our yarn directly from the ModeKnit Yarn website. I’m trying something new with the ModeSock yarn – an Etsy shop!

If you click on any of the ModeSock links on this site, they will take you to our Etsy shop where you can purchase our sock yarn using their shopping cart system.  The reason is to create a better way to manage our inventory and reach a broader audience – stay tuned, we’ll see if this works well, or if it’s not as helpful as I hope!  I’d love to hear your feedback on the ease of using the Etsy storefront vs. the Paypal shopping cart we’ve been using on our site!

The Biz

Kathleen and I are feeling very good about the colors, our Marketing Department (Kathleen) has been meeting with the Purchasing and Shipping departments (Kathleen, Kathleen) to devise advertising strategies that will work for us.  While Research & Development (Annie) has been coming up with some AMAZING ideas for cool colorways that our Finance Department (Kathleen) and Accounting (Annie) hope will sell out like crazy!  All of this is keeping the Production Department (Annie) on their toes.

Designer Life

…meanwhile, back in design land, I’m sending off some finished garments to magazines this week, working up some new designs for the book, and have ideas for several projects using ModeKnit Yarn which I hope will send it spinning off of the shelves and into mailboxes across the US (and THE WORLD! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!)

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