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Wrapped In Flow

Back in April, we brought the first balls of Flow to Yarnover.

A basket of ModeWerk Flow.
A basket of ModeWerk Flow.

You can see right there in the basket some Flow that is grey and yellow. There is also some that is grey and pink. We called these “Licorice Allsorts” and they were a huge hit with the knitters at the event.

Our dear friend Ellen from Twinset snagged some of the grey and yellow Flow. Our new friend Stacey of Fresh Stitches fame got some of the pink and grey Flow.

Both friends knit wraps from their Flow, and each wrap is as special and unique as the knitter who created it.



Ellen used her Flow to knit “Wrapsody in “Be” Fabulous” by the folks from StevenBe. StevenBe is an amazing yarn shop in Minneapolis owned by the fabulous Steven Berg.

Wrapsody a la Mode used one skein of Flow in ModeWerk Fingering (386 yds, 100 grams).

(Click on each picture to make larger).


Stacey is knitting Heartbreak with her Flow. Heartbreak is a garter stitch project with short rows. Stacy used all of one ball of Flow in ModeWerk Fingering, along with some black and a matching grey as the one ball was not quite enough to finish the project.

We love love love both of these projects! It is so amazing to see the Flow used in two distinctly different wraps. Each wrap showcases the color change beautifully.


Licorice Allsorts
Licorice Allsorts

Flow is now available here on our website. In the Chicago area? We will have Flow in our booth at the Midwest Folk Art and Fiber Festival August 1-3 in Grayslake, IL.

Order your Flow today and make something nice!


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