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Throwback Thursday-Crocheted Vest Edition

I’ve been cleaning out my office, trying to consolidate paper, photos, and stuff from my mom’s house. It’s been an epic job, and it’s ongoing.

I keep coming across things I forgot about, especially photos. I found my kindergarten class photo from 1973, and it’s pretty cute.

So stylin' at five years old!
So stylin’ at five years old!

Here’s me wearing a crocheted granny-square vest made by either my grandmother, Madeline, or by a family friend, Jenny. I’m not sure and there’s no one to ask (I’ve become the Keeper of Family Lore now that my mom is gone).

I loved, loved, loved that vest. It was pink and blue and I wore it with the white blouse you see in the picture (look at that Peter-Pan collar!) and a little navy-blue pleated skirt with knee-socks and Mary-Jane shoes. I am such my mother’s daughter, always remembering the outfit and loving to dress up.

Somewhere in our family photos is a color version of this picture. I vividly remember my grandmother having it out and framed until I was in college. I know I’ll run across it one of these days.


It’s pretty amazing the granny square has stood the test of time. Annie designed AND crocheted this pretty shrug for our FLOW yarn. It gets tons of attention and try-ons at fiber shows, and everyone who was around in the 60’s and 70’s says the same thing:

“Oh, I had a granny-square                    ! ”

Granny Square Shrug in ModeSock FLOW-Community Clinic
Granny Square Shrug in ModeSock FLOW-Community Clinic-3 skeins

The pattern is free on our website!  Order FLOW yarn here.

Tomorrow-A cute photo on Friday!




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