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A new pattern- Lanark Plaid Cowl-and a contest!

If you’ve been following Annie this past week, then you know it’s been a little crazy in the ModeKnit Yarn world. The brightest spot by FAR was reading all the lovely, uplifting comments left by our amazing and wonderful ModeKnitters!

And because we love you all so much, we want to re-share our latest free pattern, the Lanark Plaid Cowl. Print your cowl pattern here. The cowl uses our new ModeWerk Bulky in three contrasting colors.

And, because you all are so amazing, we would like to give away another skein of our new ModeWerk Bulky yarn. Please leave us a comment on this post and tell us something that will make us laugh; a joke or story, or knitting mishap that’s just too funny to keep to yourself. The contest will end Sunday, August 24th at midnight (central time). Kathleen will put all the entries in the hopper, and will name the winner sometime on Monday the 25th.

Go forth and make us laugh!! We need it.

6 thoughts on “A new pattern- Lanark Plaid Cowl-and a contest!”

  1. Today I was trying to find a form of knitting or crochet that a friend who is going through a very difficult time could do. In the end we settled on single loop finger knitting 🙂
    Ever hopeful I will enter this contest as well hoping to win a skein of the wonderful looking yarn:)

  2. I’ve got a few funny stories to share. It took a long time for me to get pregnant so once I found out I started planning my knitting for my baby. We found out we were having a boy and I knit him a sweater the knit him a few baby hats. I knit the hats in newborn sizes and 6-month old sizes. I gave birth to a 9lb 14oz Goliath of a son. None of the hats fit him and with all the hormones I was experiencing it felt like the end of the world. He was able to wear his sweater one time and spit up all over it. Since then I knit him an adult sized beanie hat and that had fit him for the past 2 years. He’s 3 now and my good friend just had a baby girl and I’m nearly done with her hat. My son snuck into my knitting last week and I found him trying to put the hat on with circular needles going in every direction. One more funny thing because he’s been on a roll lately. My mom has finally started to learn how to knit in the past few years. I’m chronically ill with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and a few other auto-immune diseases so she stays with us a few days a week. I heard a commotion and my son caught my mom sneaking yarn from my stash so he started yelling that it mommies yarn and she has to ask first before taking something. I was so proud.

  3. Twenty – six years ago I was carrying my first daughter and went into preterm labor at nearly 6 months along. When it was decided that we would spend the duration of the pregnancy in the hospital on bed rest, I had a large box of knitting brought to my bedside. Soon I had made much progress on her baby blanket. One day when I tried to put my work down to eat my wonderful hospital food, it seemed the blanket was stuck to my arm. I then realized I had knitted my IV tubing into the row and now looked like I had a blue batwing!

  4. When I was a “wee one,” I was saying prayers at bedtime, and asked my mom “What does “amen” mean?” She answered, “So be it.”
    A few nights later, she was shocked to hear me conclude my bedtime prayer with, “That’s it, so beat it.”

  5. I gave my dog an antihistamine (under vet instructions) and now he is so sleepy he can hardly hold up his head to yawn. He tries to yawn and his head flops over. I laugh and pity him at the same time. At least he’s not itching non stop!

  6. My soon to be hubby has been beyond gracious about my yarn stash and my need to keep feeding it. I recently took a class at a lys and he was waiting for me and i texted him that i was just checking out…to which he texted back, ok ive backed up to the entrance and have the trunk door open and bungee cords at the ready! He’s a comdenian and keeper for sure….

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