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A Peek At Some Projects, and a Winner!

The random number generator has spoken, and the Mini Skein set winner is….. JOAN!

Joan, we’ve emailed you. Please reply so we may send out your mini skein set.

Here’s her winning comment “The colors are all so beautiful! Isn’t business growth wonderful? Both daunting and exciting at the same time.”

We couldn’t agree more!

We love seeing projects our customers have created using ModeKnit Yarn.  Socks, hats, cowls, mitts, it doesn’t matter. We love them all.

A "pattern in progress" from Magicatt.
“Pattern in progress” by Magicatt

Magicatt has designed some pretty socks using the now-retired 221B mini skein set, some Knit Picks Stroll, and some yellow wool she dyed herself. The pattern is not yet for sale. She’s still working on the details.

Lady Glenda tends her Red-Hot Pokers
Lady Glenda tends her Red-Hot Pokers

Glenys is knitting Fitted Fingerless Gloves with 221B colors. She hails from England and reports that she is completely making over her garden and wants some gloves for colder days.



Is this for my sister or for me?
Is this for my sister or for me?



Jennifer knitted a gift hat for her sister, although she may have kept it for herself. She used ModeSock in Gilmarite to knit the Brambleberry Hat.





Laz and Chaz together
Laz and Chaz together

Karen made a Slippy Cowl in ModeLuxe. The colors are Lauzarite  and Chabazite. We think this combination is stunning.



And over at A Major Knitwork, Sylvia and Chris both knitted things for The LA County yarn Crawl.  Sylvia designed the Stems Scarf in ModeLuxe, and Chris knitted Tranquilla in ModeSock. (Follow the links to view the pictures on Ravelry).

If you have photos of your completed or in-progress ModeKnit Yarn projects, we’d love to see them. Please email to kathleen at modeknit dot com and we will show them off on the blog , Ravelry, and Facebook.

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