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Tuesday Treasures

Among the very first color inspirations for ModeKnit Yarn were minerals and gemstones.

 Amethyst crystals
Amethyst crystals

My background is in the jewelry business; I started working in jewelry stores when I was just out of college way back when, even though my degree is in theater and education. I even started the coursework to become a gemologist, but store management became my focus. By the summer of 2012, when I was downsized from my store, I had been in the jewelry business for more than 22 years at three different stores.

When Annie and I started ModeKnit Yarn, we thought colorways inspired by minerals and gemstones would be a great way to combine some of our interests and create some interesting color.


My favorite of all the Gemstone Colorways is Plum Jasper. I love the pink with streaks of black running through it. I actually have a stone pendant that looks very much like this yarn! I found it in a local thrift shop and it been a favorite ever since. I usually wear it on a long silver chain for a pop of color on a dark outfit. (I think I’ll wear it today!).

I’d love to knit up a cozy pink Plum Jasper scarf to wear all winter. Great for chasing away the winter blahs (although it’s been an absolutely fantastic fall. It’s bright and sunny today, with a high temp around 70!!!).

Here are some other mineral and gemstone colorways:

Our full range of colors can be found here on our website.

The ModeKnit Yarn Clubs are OPEN for membership! Sock Club details are here and DK Club details are here. Join the fun!

See you tomorrow for some Wednesday knitting!

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