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Knitting for Friends-A Slippy Cowl Giveaway!

I love knitting gifts for friends, and I love receiving hand-knit gifts. As I knitter, I appreciate the love and hard work that goes into creating a gift just for me.

Kathleen's Slippy Cowl in ModeLuxe DK
Kathleen’s New Slippy Cowl in ModeLuxe DK, shown in Pearl and Community Clinic

This past Christmas, Annie knit me a new Slippy Cowl. I accidentally felted the Slippy Cowl I knit for myself (that’s another blog post for another day!).  I was surprised and SO HAPPY! I seldom receive any hand-made gifts; it made my Christmas. I’ve been wearing it nearly every day, and I’ll be wearing it in our booth as we travel this year, so you all can see it too.

Over the years I’ve knitted my fair share of gifts for friends. Hats, mittens, fingerless mitts, cowls, scarves (including one epic Dr Who scarf for my closest guy friend. He took it to Seattle with him when he moved.). I truly hope they were all loved and worn. I don’t want to know if they were given away or donated.  I have a part-time job at a Goodwill boutique and we get a shocking number of donated hand-knits (well I’m always shocked. I don’t think my co-workers care.)

About two weeks ago we sent some yarn and a Slippy Cowl kit off to Virginia to Kimberly at Some Bunny’s Love. She knit it up (along with a matching hat) and gifted both to Kathy, her FedEx driver. Kathy was thrilled with her gift, and posed for this gorgeous photo. We think her smile is everything!

used with permission from Kathy and KimberlyKathy’s Slippy Cowl is knit in our ModeWerk Worsted; the colors are Daenerys’ Eyes and Chabazite. Kimberly’s project notes are Raveled here. The hat is Kimberly’s creation, knit from the leftover Modewerk Worsted and some Nashua Julia. (Photo used with permission from the model and from Kimberly)

There are SO MANY beautiful Slippy Cowls on Ravelry! Take a look at all the creative color pairings and design elements.

Go ahead, I’ll wait right here for you.

Aren’t they beautiful? Have you knit your own Slippy Cowl?  Did you know the pattern is free? That’s right. It’s free both on Ravelry and on our website.

Because we love you, we are giving away a Slippy Cowl kit in ModeWerk Worsted, in the colors of your choice.

All you need to do is leave us a comment telling us what two colors you would choose, and sign up for our newsletter.

All entries will go into the RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR, and we’ll choose a winner. Entries close at midnight on Sunday, February 14th. It’s our little Valentine to you, and our way of saying Thank-you! 

A Gallery of Slippy Cowls! (All photos used with permission)

46 thoughts on “Knitting for Friends-A Slippy Cowl Giveaway!”

  1. It’s hard to decide! I’d choose either a combo of Danaerys’ eyes and Brazilianite for my friend who is a Vikings fan or a combo of platinum and community clinic for me.

  2. What a tough choice with so many gorgeous options! I think Brazilianite would pair beautifully with Daryl Dixon.
    Thank you for the chance to win

  3. I’ve been contemplating yarn choices since I first saw this cowl pattern. My top two pairings would be Dragon Rhagal and Coal, or Call Box Blue and Platinum. Or a blue/orange, or green/orange, or red/black…aaahh!

  4. A Study in Pink and Straighten Your Knocker because I simply cannot get enough of those 221B colors…although that Aquamarine also makes me so happy. 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. while i am frequently a selfish knitter, I am now working on a double knit hat for a friend (in black, red and white) Next up, a cowl for me…What colors? I think something blue and green and with a little bit of brown or taupe.(the colors of sky, and water, and earth.)

  6. I have made three Slippy Cowls and will make a fourth when my yarn arrives this week. The yarn is heaven to work with and feels so wonderful around my neck. I would choose Pearl and Gilamrite.

  7. So many wonderful colors! I am not going to even try to be original. I absolutely love the Community Clinic & Pearl picture. That would be my choice for the next one I make.

  8. OMG, why haven’t I looked sooner? I think 031 October Sky and 041 A Study in Pink would look smashing together, and they’d go with almost any jacket I own.

  9. I would start with Mr Jessamine and Garnet, for my dear sister, then work my way through an adventure in color combos for my daughters and daughters-in-law. Whatfun!

  10. I would make it for my DIL in Ohio State colors (spessartine and pewter) or for myself in Badger colors (pearl and red wedding) unless Annie would have a better combo to suggest for those schools…..

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