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Mini Skein Monday!

Back in April, ModeKnit Yarn was featured at A Major Knitwork in Van Nuys Ca during the LA County Yarn Crawl.

The Knitting Dead- 8 30g skeins
The Knitting Dead 30g mini skein set

ModeKnitter Minminlea purchased this mini skein set during the event.

It’s The Knitting Dead in ModeSock. Eight 30g/ 116 yd skeins of colors inspired by the tv show “The Walking Dead”.



Minminlea knit this lovely shawl!

Tre O Molti shawl
Tre O Molti shawl

This is Tre O Molti by Anthony Casalena. Tre O Molti means “Three or Many”. We think this is a great project for our 30 g mini-skein sets! The pattern calls for small amounts of different colored yarns.

Lovely lovely color!
Lovely lovely color!

View the project notes here.  There are great notes and in-progress pics. (All pictures here are used with permission.)

Mini skein sets are available here. Purchase Anthony’s pattern here.

What are you knitting with your mini skein set? Share your pictures and pattern ideas with us at kathleen at modeknit dot com.


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