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“Nonnatus House, Midwife Speaking…”

You’ve probably noticed how quiet I’ve been – I apologize for that! Believe me, it’s all because of work, and that’s a good reason!

We just shipped our first wholesale order, which was huge (to me) and this adventure will NOT be duplicated until 2015, when we’re set up to seriously seek wholesale accounts.

All those things you read about businesses growing too fast are actually true,
and this first huge order gave me a glimpse of how easily that might happen!


If you’re as big a fan of Call The Midwife as I am, you will be SO excited that Season 3 has begun on PBS stations all across the US!  Our friends are back, and the art direction and costumes in this season are absolutely amazing!

The Midwives and Sisters are moving into the 60’s in London, with all the color, light and edgy fashion that entails (Jean Shrimpton hair, anyone?)

They’re also moving into a new location (still in Poplar) with a new Community Clinic where new ways of dealing with the pain of childbirth are taught, along with many other new lessons.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here are all eight colors of our newest NO SPOILERS collection, “Midwife Speaking”, which I’ve based on characters and incidents of the upcoming season of Call The Midwife.

I’ll not give any secrets away, and the color names are neutral as far as plot points,
but this is going to be a TREMENDOUS season.

I’m releasing all 8 colors tonight so folks can get the mini skein set at once. Besides, I’ve been SO overwhelmingly busy with the dyeing (good) and the designing (also good) that having time to do eight separate days of blogging for “Midwife Speaking” isn’t going to be happening!


Sadly, as we bring in eight new colors, we will have to say goodbye to six of the 221B colors (we’re keeping A Study In Pink and Bristol Pool! Huzzah!) 

I hate to say goodbye to colors that are selling so well, but the truth is that I just cannot dye so many different colors all at the same time – so for my own sanity we’ll only have two NO SPOILERS color sets going at any one time, and will keep a few colors from each set if they prove to be good sellers!

But I promise to try to be better about writing. Believe me, dear readers
(and yarn customers, and well-wishers, and all my knitters and crocheters)
I love to connect with you via my blog and newsletter –
I really do miss you when I’m too busy to write!

16 thoughts on ““Nonnatus House, Midwife Speaking…””

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  2. I love “Call the Midwife” and I love the new colors…it would be incredibly hard to choose between them, so I’ll cross my fingers that I can win a mini-skein set. And if I don’t, I may have to be back to buy one anyway!

  3. Love the ‘Community clinic’ colorway….just might need some! And I think I’ll catch up with the show..I’ve heard good things about it!
    Glad I bought my 221B sets!

  4. Susan (sjanova)

    I’ve already set the DVR to record them since I haven’t seen the new season on sale yet. I can’t wait to see them. Should I be knitting something specific during the episodes? Baby things? Or something for the midwives?

  5. Deborah Weiland

    Chummy, so glad you’re back. You are the dearest, wittiest person and the actor who plays you steals every scene she’s in.

  6. The new colours are lovely! I can’t wait to settle in for Call the Midwife new season and knit, knit, knit 🙂

  7. I love the show Call the Midwife, and I love your yarn colors. Jenny Kissed Me or Peace rose are my favorites. I would be thrilled to win mini-skeins!

  8. The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli…Loving the new colors ladies…

  9. Patricia Tyrrell

    I’m loving all the colours in this set. When I first started watching the show, I was so taken by the beautiful twin sets, cardies and jumpers I’ve started a search to find vintage patterns!

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