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Old Fashioned Villain

Old Fashioned Villain
Old Fashioned Villain

Old Fashioned Villain
#5 in the 221b Series of Colors
Season 2, Episode 3

“Every fairy tale needs a good Old Fashioned Villain.” – James Moriarty

Consulting Detective, meet Consulting Criminal. Or, as we like to call them in the US, Hedge Fund Managers. James Moriarty, like any child, is much harder to deal with when he’s bored. And who’s the most famous master-child-minder in London? Yes, John Watson.

From John Watson’s Blog

“Jim Moriarty was the total opposite to Sherlock but they were also so very alike. He was a consulting criminal. People came to him and he arranged whatever they wanted. And while they talked, I stood there wearing enough explosives to kill all of us. I was the only one who seemed even aware of this.”

Old Fashioned Villain Colorway
Old Fashioned Villain Colorway

It seems simple, just black, right?

But look deeper, there’s some grey, a bit of cream, even some sharp red hues that move toward a scarlet (or is it cerise?)

That’s because an Old Fashioned Villain isn’t as simple as one might think.

Perfect for your favorite Consulting Knitter.

Season 3’s colors are almost here!
Tune in tomorrow…

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