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Bristol South Pool

Bristol Pool
Bristol South Pool

Bristol South Pool
#4 in the 221b Series of Colors
Sherlock, Season 1, Episode 3

Everybody into the pool?

I understand the dialogue was riveting, the tension so thick you could cut it with a laser, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off that beautiful blue pool – The Bristol South Pool, to be exact.  I so wanted someone – ANYONE – to dive in.  Or at least throw the bomb jacket or a gun into the pool.  A waste.

From John Watson’s Blog

“I could see the look in Sherlock’s eyes – a flash of, not anger, but hurt. For a second, he looked like a little, lost child. I should have been horrified that he’d even doubt me for a second but, to be honest, it was so refreshingly human of him. He actually did value our friendship. He did, despite himself, care. Then he saw the explosives on me and he realised what was happening.”

Bristol Pool Colorway
Bristol Pool Colorway

I have to struggle to keep all of my colorways from being different shades of blue, I love the color so much!

What I particularly love about THIS blue colorway, Bristol South Pool, is that it’s so changeable.

Who can plumb the depths of a ‘bad guy?’
Tune in tomorrow…

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